Why Should There Be Only One Capital City? Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said that India must have four rotating capitals.

The CM gave this statement while addressing a programme at Netaji Bhavan in Kolkata on his 125th birth anniversary.


“I believe that India must have 4 rotating capitals. The English ruled the entire country from Kolkata. Why should there be only one capital city in our country,” said Banerjee.

When Kolkata became capital of the British Indian Empire

Kolkata remained the capital of the British Indian Empire from 1772 to 1911 after which the capital was relocated to Delhi.

Earlier, Murshidabad used to be the capital of Bengal when Mughals where in power. In 1772, under orders from British governor-general of India Warren Hastings all important offices were shifted from Murshidabad to Calcutta.


Kolkata not only became the hub of British mercantile, banking, and insurance services but also gained recognition as the intellectual centre of the Indian subcontinent.

Mamata slams Centre, says ‘Netaji didn’t get due respect’

While addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister pointed out that Netaji did not get his due respect and asserted that the state will celebrate the event as ‘Desh Nayak Diwas’.


“There has been no patriot like Netaji. He endorsed Tagore’s ‘Jana Gana Mana’ for the National Anthem. He gave the ‘Jai Hind’ slogan. Netaji was a great philosopher. He envisioned the Planning Commission and the Indian National Army before Independence. But Netaji did not get his due respect,” ANI quoted Mamata as saying.

Slamming the Centre, the TMC president said they claim to revere Netaji but scrapped the Planning Commission.

Criticising the Centre’s decision to announce January 23 as ‘Parakram Diwas’, the CM said, “I don’t understand the meaning of ‘Parakram Diwas’.


The TMC government has set up a committee to conduct year-long celebrations till January 23, 2022, all over the state. Besides this, a monument, named after Azad Hind Fauj, will be built at Rajarhat and a university, named after Bose, is being set up in the state.

Source: Times Now