Why should I REFER you for a JOB? Say ME Why?


Colleges are producing Lacs of Graduates and Post Graduates every year. Unsure if they all are Employable Graduates. These institutions can only place countable graduates through Campus Selection! Where will others GO? Who will help them to get a decent job?

– Placement Consultants?
– Government?
– Media?
– Family?
– Friends?


Jobless graduates start to Request all their Known Circle to Refer them for a Job. Lately, I am getting so many requests and messages from people randomly asking me to refer them to job positions!

Let us say I get an average 10 messages per day, out of which 8 are asking me to refer. Each referral takes 10 minutes of my life. Don’t take me wrong, I care about you and empathetic towards your situation. But do you guys think it is practically possible for me to spend 80 minutes of my life every day to REFER you or anybody else?


Just practically think, apart from my 9 hours job, I would like to spend time on my workouts, self-improvement, entertainment and definitely family and friends, why would I have any obligation to refer you. And then you complain, nobody refers me.

Well, take this Bitter Pill.

Nobody will help. Unless and until you develop a relationship with the person and he or she “feels” like wanting to help you. If you build a strong relationship, you might not even get referred, you might even get a lifetime mentor, a great career direction, industry insights etc!!


Don’t be lazy in sending the same referral message. If it means something to you, be creative! I have mindlessly messaged and learned from my mistakes!

In no way I am discouraging anyone not to refer, I am just encouraging everyone to be more creative and focus on building a relationship.

Contributed by Naveen Manjunath (HR Manager, Wipro, Verifaya, and BRO4U)

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Naveen is fun loving person and seeks happiness in little things in life. He believes in making work a happy and enjoyable experience for himself and everyone around him.


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