Why is #teleprompterPM trending on Twitter?

The #teleprompterPM has gone viral and this hashtag has to do with PM Modi’s special address via video conference to the World Economic Forum’s online Davos Agenda 2022 summit.

In this address, we can see that PM suddenly stops speaking a few minutes into the speech. In this speech that was translated from Hindi to English to the Davos audience, PM pauses for about 10 seconds.


Firstly, PM looks to his left, speaks a few words more, and then stops speaking and looks left again. A staff member prompts him in Hindi to ask the audience if they can hear him which he does. He looks into the camera and tries to speak but suddenly stops for about 10 seconds which is not really expected from him and his oratory skills.

He then puts on the earphone and asks Klaus Schwab if he can hear him in a very ungrammatical manner to which Schwab responds that he can be heard. “I hear you very well and I would suggest we start the official session now”. This looks like a response that could be gotten when the translater or the interpreter failed and why start the official session now when it already started?!

There can be two things that could have gone wrong, the teleprompter failed or there might have been a technical glitch but neither is currently clear.


But Twitter seems clearly divided on this issue while some claim it was the failure of the teleprompter and some say it was a genuine technical glitch. Here are some Twitter reactions.

“Even the teleprompter was not able to say so many lies,” Gandhi wrote in Hindi.

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