Why Is IIM-A Launching Course On Bhagavad Gita To Teach Management Techniques ?

Bhagvad Geeta has far reaching effects other than cultural rites and rituals; it teaches a man how to lead his life in a fruitful manner. Many countries have already adapted the study of Geeta in this course and today the Indian Institute Of Management in Ahmedabad recognises the value and necessity of including Geeta in its syllabus for managers course.

An Entire Course On Bhagavad Gita

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad is all set to launch a course on Bhagwad Gita for corporate professionals to teach management lessons. The program that will commence from December 13 will include lessons and chapters from Gita to ‘to explore contemporary management concepts, conflicts, dilemmas, and trade-offs in business.’


The great Indian epics of Mahabharata and Gita has inspired many institutions and corporates to extrapolate the life lessons learnt from the epics in real life. As per the IIM-A website, ‘Lessons from Bhagawad Gita suggest powerful ways to promote management practices that are consistent with the business model and yet ethical.’ Lessons from Bhagavad Gita suggest powerful ways to promote management practices that are consistent with business models and yet ethical. This course is focused on early reflections on those learnings,” said an IIM official to a leading news agency.

No Better Manager Than Lord Krishna Himself

The course has been divided into 06 sessions of 03 hours each. The objective of the course is to develop insights into making effective choices, strengthen concepts of contemporary management and value-based leadership, develop an understanding of leadership excellence and more.


IIM Ahmedabad

Anyone familiar with Bhagwad Gita would already be well aware of the great learnings from the Krishna-Arjun Samwad, Arjun’s dilemma before stepping into the battle and Krishna’s role as a guide. “The course will also enable participants to develop competence to face challenging times in their career with confidence. The program aims to sensitize them on ways to develop themselves into effective leaders in the corporate world,” the official had added further in his speech. This course would be an absolute bliss and an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to understand Gita and its beauty.