Why is China not a Democratic Country? Here are the 10 Reasons for China being a Communist Country

China not a Democratic Country
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When it said that The Republic of India is the largest Democracy in the World then Why not China with total population being 1.9 times that of India? Is it not a democratic country? What is the reason behind? Don’t people in China wish to live in a Democratic Country? What would happen if China becomes Democratic? Like this, an array of unanswered questions astounds and arose in the wave of perplexity. This is not a big-league of the hour and a lot has been dissertated and confabulated about the Democracy of China. Here we would like to put forth few points and theories that will best answer the question – Why is China not a Democratic Country?

China not a Democratic Country
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Reason #1 – China has a Single Political Party

The very texture of a Democratic nation is free and fair elections where People have the right to vote and pursue a Universal franchise to choose among the political parties. However, China has a single political party and has been ruling for years. Unlike in India, people in China do not have the freedom of speech. The Tiananmen Protests in China that expatriates the Misery of Chinese in China is a clear instance of it.

Why china is not democratic
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Reason #2 – Civil War and Guerrilla Warfare

It is said that China was a democratic country in a pre-era of 1949. However, the Democratic Government loses the Civil War to the Communist party in a Guerilla Warfare to make China a Communist Country.

China not a Democratic Country
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Reason #3 – National People’s Congress

China held elections every five years to elect the Country’s parliament but National People’s Congress (NPC) holds the authority of appointing the President of the Country. Only the members of the CPC or other small parties allied to it are allowed to contest Elections (E.x: 2002-03 Elections). A government in China is always formed by the Communist party nullifying the crux of Democracy.

Since there is no free and fair chance for people to choose their representative, China will not come under the shades of Democracy.

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Reason #4 – Autocratic Leadership

China conducts general elections in the rural areas under the leadership of CPC but nowhere it is reported that Non-CPC candidates are allowed to stand in a grievance with CPC. This is a sense of Democratic process smartly bullied in the flare of an Autocratic leadership of Communist Party. This is again a cultural inability to get public and self-interest on the same page and the idea of Democracy is simply an aspiration that the Central Government shows in its propaganda.

Reason #5 – Paternalistic Form of Government

A kind of Republic and Non-liberal Democracy that the China is enjoying is because of their lack of political voice and the oppression of liberty and disunity. All they aspire is a stable environment and the high standard of living and this dates back to the Paternalistic form of Government and the economic hardships that they have gone through.

China not a Democratic Country
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Reason#6 – One Party Rule System

China becoming a Democracy is almost impossible as the One- Party Rule system is written in their constitution. On the contrary, China needs a Chairman who is brave enough to go for a full-out revolution which is still a failure as the PLA belongs to the party.

Largest Democracy
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Reason #7 – Half of Chinese are Farmers

People live in Mountains, Villages, and they hardly have an access to TV. Some are uneducated and all the time they have to be in the fields. So, they find it difficult to vote for the right person. Moreover, they don’t have a willingness to sacrifice their farming time and stay informed.

China not a Democratic Country
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Reason #8 – Depoliticization of Masses

Over the years in a contributed play by the Government to depoliticize the masses, Chinese lack the habit of extensive political dialogue and the dexterity to make the informed choices.

Reason #9 – Tradition

Chinese have decided that they should conduct themselves in a particular way because ‘its the way things have always been done.’ This tradition has applied to all the boards of life from Politics, Education, Parenting to Finance, and Social brio.

Why china is not democratic
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Reason 10 – The threat of Economic Slowdown

In the last three decades, China has been a stronger nation (Economic, Military, and Foreign Policy) under the Single Party rule. However, the idea of Democracy brings the fear of resultant bickering and divisions which will be a herculean task for Government to implement the policy and come to an agreement. This will eventually slow down the Economics of the country and the military clout.

China not a Democratic Country
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These were the probable reasons for China being a non-democratic nation and in one way, it is good for them. Today, China is one of the fastest growing Economies of the World. As a Nation, they are strong and united. They have a great system in place and great minds on the ruling chair.

All hail to the World Politics. China says, Democracy is not just a series of Laws and Elections rather a state of mind. What do you think? Do you support the Democratization of China? Please contribute your words in the comments below.

This Article ‘Why is China not a Democratic Country’ is purely a showcase of different theories and opinions. This is not the Author’s personal perspective about the topic.

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