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“Why Hindi? I will speak in Kannada, this is my land”: Bengaluru Auto Driver goes ‘Beast Mode’

A video is now getting viral on Twitter where non-Kannadigas face wrath from an auto driver who was asked to speak in Hindi in Bengaluru.

The emotion over language

Each time we talk about India and its diversity, we refer to millions of people who stay in this country, usually peacefully, despite extreme differences in culture, traditions, and most importantly, languages.


Unlike many other countries, there is no ‘one’ common language that all Indians understand. Indians, often multi-linguistic for the same reason, are also quite emotional about their mother tongue. And in this case, people who migrate or move in from a different state face difficulty to find a common language to speak or communicate. This often results in hatred and arguments.

In Bengaluru, there is animosity among the locals for people from North India or people who do not know the local language. The one thing the locals request the migrants is, “if you eat here, earn here, and get settled here, you must learn to speak at least basic Kannada.” This request is often turned down by some Non-Kannadigas which leads to a conflict.

A similar incident happened in Bengaluru where an Auto driver is heard yelling at some North Indians, asking them to learn Kannada. It all starts when 2 women sitting in an auto, demand the auto driver to speak in Hindi. Angry by the request, the driver fires back at those women. “This is my land I will speak Kannada and you should too. Why will I speak Hindi? You Northies come here and settle here, Why don’t you learn Kannada,” the auto driver yells.