Why Do You Need Travel Insurance For Your Cruise?

Few vacation options can compete with the luxury, peace and solitude, and rejuvenation that a cruise can bring to you. Everyone looks forward to at least one cruise in their lifetime, and they should because it is certainly an experience that is unique and unbeatable by any other.

There are endless cruise options that one can opt from, ranging from weekend cruises to cruises ranging over 30 days, traveling from various ports internationally.


Regardless of which one it is that you pick, there are a bunch of things you must take care of, especially if it is your first cruise. Traveling on the sea, moving through the tides with the wind and waves, requires more than just packing your bags.

It requires planning and double-checking all of the planning. And while you do that, you must never think you can get away with not having travel insurance for your cruise because it is on a cruise that you need to travel insurance more than when flying or traveling by road. Research properly and buy travel insurance plans online for your cruise vacation because you may not know it yet, but you certainly, need it.

There are a number of reasons why you need to get travel insurance when going on a cruise. It aids you in having a holiday that is truly relaxing by making sure nothing goes wrong.


How Travel Insurance Protect your finances?

Here are some ways in which your Travel Insurance protects your finances.

The sea is unexpected:

If you think you are surely going on the cruise because your tickets are booked- think again. Weather conditions, unexpected natural phenomena, and sea conditions can all the be the reason your cruise might get canceled.

The cruise organizers always ensure that they plan the trip at the best possible time and through the best possible route, but there is only so much that can be humanly controlled or taken into account.


Anyone who ever looked at tickets for a cruise can tell you, this can incur a loss that is absolutely devastating.

This is where you travel insurance comes in. while your cruise will probably not refund your tickets even partially, travel insurance can help you get reimbursement on your cruise tickets.

You might get stuck in your house:

Unexpected and unavoidable conditions can arise anytime. A tornado can lead to your cruise being canceled. If not your cruise, your connecting flight may get delayed due to heavy rains. The roads may be flooded and traveling then would be impossible while also unadvisable.


The road outside could be broken and damaged, and you could be landlocked in your hometown, there could be a red alert, there could be a terrorist activity or a riot. There are endless things that can occur unexpectedly, and while your safety is the most important, it is also important to not lose your hard-earned money when this happens.

In a situation like this, your travel insurance gets you reimbursements on your cruise tickets, your flight tickets, and other pre-paid traveling expenses thereby saving you a ton of money that could otherwise, have been wasted.

‘Break a leg!’

Well, it would be nice to ‘break a leg’ on stage the day before your cruise, but not good if you were literally injured and couldn’t get off the bed due to sickness or pain.

This would hinder you from going anywhere, let alone on a cruise. Travel insurance will make sure your money spent on tickets is reimbursed and you don’t have to go through the excruciating physical pain with mental exhaustion of lost money.


Financial default:

If the company providing you with the traveling service, the cruise or the airlines, end up bankrupt or unable to function, once again, your expenses are secured as the travel insurance reimburses them.

Delay or loss of your luggage:

If the terrifying possibility of losing your baggage in the connecting flight or on the cruise does, unfortunately, come true, your travel insurance will help you with the cost of recovering lost items.

If the baggage gets delayed, insurance will also assist you by covering the necessities while you wait for the luggage to arrive.

Sick o’ the sea, mate?

If this is your first time traveling long term in the sea, it is highly likely that this strangest motion of the movement of the ship is going to make you sick.

Even frequent seafarers experience occasional seasickness, and unless you are a pirate, there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting how you have puked thrice since the morning before you make it to the fancy brunch that you cannot stomach a bite of.


Luckily, the insurance covers you in case of medical emergencies abroad since domestic health insurance mostly does not cover expenses outside the home country.

Accidents may also occur while aboard, and serious issues may even require air-lifting you for your well-being. If this happens on an international cruise, the expenses will be even higher. But the costs of emergency medical evacuations, however rare it is, are also covered under travel insurance for the convenience of travelers.

Identity Theft or Lost Documents:

While it is thrilling when it happens in a James Bond movie, it is a moment of sheer panic if an important document like your passport, or your wallet and credit or debit cards, gets lost or stolen while you are on a cruise.

This could leave you begging in front of local authorities who may be extremely hostile depending on a lot of factors.

Travel insurance that is comprehensive will help you recover the documents or acquire duplicates as quickly as possible. It will ensure that your finances and reputation are safe in case this situation arises.

What is not covered under Travel Insurance Policy?

The stability and security that comes with travel insurance ensure an experience that is truly relaxing and hassle-free. However, as a responsible and vigilante traveler, you must also know what is not covered under your travel insurance.

Drinking or using drugs recklessly

Engaging in any illegal activity (according to the law of the place you are in, including in house laws at hotels, amusement parks, etc.) can get you into serious trouble.

Drinking or using recreational drugs may put you into physical danger while you are on a cruise, but this will not be covered under travel insurance.

War-time conditions

Unexpected war conditions, nuclear radiations, military actions, civil disorder, etc. may cause disturbances in your cruise, but these are all not covered under travel insurance.

High-risk sports

High-risk sports such as heli-skiing, bungee jumping, scuba diving, sky-diving and more make the participant sign a Liability Release.

This Liability Release pronounces that the participant takes sole responsibility for the consequence of their actions by engaging in the dangerous activity consciously.

If you decide to give scuba diving or other water sports a try while on your cruise, the insurance- travel or health- are also released from covering expenses consequent to the sports activity.

What to keep in mind while buying travel insurance?

  • To get the best travel insurance, you must keep the following things in mind.
  • The insurance that is offered by the cruise is designed to benefit the business and not the customer, which is the whole reason for them offering it.
  • The insurance is also not comprehensive since it does not cover all aspects of your travel.
  • There are excellent competitive insurance plans being offered by providers and you can buy them easily online. This also allows you to compare and get the best travel insurance that meets all your needs and provides adequate coverage.

A cruise is one of those distinctive experiences that can change the way you perceive the world and continue with life. It has the powerful potential to transform your personality and your lifestyle altogether.

To make the best of it, travel insurance is a must. After all, it is only after you are psychologically free of stress and restrains that you can make the best of anything that is incoming. Buy comprehensive travel insurance.