“Why choose Ranveer when we have talents in South”, Netizens React To Collaboration With Shankar

There has been quite a buzz recently that filmmaker Shankar is all set to collaborate with Ranveer Singh for a three-part movie which will be a pan-India project. Here is how netizens are voicing their views.

Ranveer and Shankar

It is always a treat to watch the actor Ranveer Singh in Bollywood films for the variations he brings in his characters in each movie. The powerhouse of energy never disappoints his fans with his amazing projects over time and we have seen some beautiful characters coming from the side of the actor.


Popular Tamil Filmmaker Shankar, who is known for his projects like Aparichit, Robot, I, and 2.0, is no doubt one of the most loved filmmakers coming from the south. With his brilliant movies, he has created a strong mark at the pan-India level. Currently, there is news all over the internet that actor Ranveer Singh is all set to collaborate with the filmmaker for the upcoming Pan India movie which will be made in 3 parts.

This news has grabbed the attention of the fans and we are eagerly looking forward to this collaboration. Fans cannot keep calm and are extremely excited about the same. But, there are few people who are not happy with the decision of Shankar taking Ranveer Singh in the movie.

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