Who named Air India? Tata Group answers this after 75 years

After a span of about 75 years, the Tata group has revealed as to how the name Air India came into being and what went behind it.

Here is the story 

Air India was named via an opinion poll among Tata Sons employees over 75 years ago back in 1946. The Tata Group has shared this story on the Twitter by showing an exercpt from the monthly bulletin from 1946.


From this tweet we can see that there were four names that were finalised. The choices for India’s first airline company came down to Indian Airlines, Pan-Indian Airlines, Trans-Indian Airlines and Air-India.

Thorough an opinion poll among the employees of Tata, it was decided that ‘Air India’ will be chosen. The Bulletin stated, “to the innately democratic mind of the head of the Tata organisation, it seemed a good idea to let the selection be made by popular opinion in Bombay House through a sort of Gallup Poll or Sample Opinion Survey”.

The bulletin further stated that accordingly, voting papers were distributed so as to ascertain the views of representative sections of opinion among Tata employees. The voters were requested to indicate their first and second preferences.

It also shows how Air India won 72 votes and thus the name was chosen!
It has been in the news as the company has gone through disinvestment and the Tata Group has gained full control on the same.