Who Is V.C. Sajjan? Twitter Hails The Police Commissioner As Encounter Specialist

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The real-life Singham, Cyberabad police chief VC Sajjanar is the man behind the encounter of 4 accused men who tried to flee. The news spread like a wildfire of an early morning encounter in which all four accused in the rape and murder of Telangana veterinary doctors were killed. Twitter is trending ‘Encounter Specialist’ after Hyderabad operation.

Hyderabad operation

You might have encountered a popular dialogue from Ranveer Singh’s movie Simmba where Ajay Devgan narrates a theory on police operations. He said, “People who don’t hesitate to commit a crime like rape. Whenever they will have evil intentions for a woman they must have this fear in their mind. That a few insane cops will come and shoot them dead. No arrest. No long court cases. Justice on the spot.” Does that ring any bell?


All four people accused in the rape and murder of woman veterinarian in Telangana have been killed in a crossfire with the police. The encounter earned a lot of appreciation on Twitter for the Cyberabad Police Commissioner V.C. Sajjan.

source: twitter

While some called him the ‘Real-life Hero’, others called him Singham. VC Sajjanar is an IPS officer of 1996 batch, Sajjanar has been told to be the person behind shooting all the 4 accused in an effort of retaliation. Interestingly he is the same officer that had shot three accused of an acid attack case in 2008.

Encounter Specialist

In December 2008, the Andhra Pradesh police terminated three men accused of throwing acid on two women engineering students. Sajjanar was then the superintendent of police of Warangal district involving the case of spurned love. The three suspects were consequently gunned down in an encounter with police. He was hailed as a hero by several citizens for quickly eliminating the criminals and offering support to the grieving parents.


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The report also said that he was also known for his role in the killing of Naxal leader Nayeemuddin when Sajjanar was the IG Special Intelligence Branch.

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