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Who are these 2 massive ‘Heavyweights’ in Martin Teaser, Dhruva explains

Fans were left speechless by the glimpses of gravity-defying action sequences in the teaser. Martin is undoubtedly the most anticipated film of 2023. Dhruva Sarja, the protagonist, has talked about a few action sequences and especially those two heavyweights that appear at the end of the teaser.

The much Hype for Martin

The promising teaser of the action thriller Martin, directed by AP Arjun, was unveiled by the film’s team on February 23, Thursday. The teaser, currently trending at 6 on Youtube with 60,000,000 views has left the cine-goers stunned with glimpses of gravity-defying action sequences.


Another highlight of this teaser was Dhruva’s beefed-up body and ripped muscles, which he perfectly suits for the male lead. After watching the teaser, it feels like he is essaying the character of a secret agent, who has been captured on his way to enter Pakistan. Fans were at a loss for words for Dhruva, who has without any doubt channeled his inner beast mode in the fight sequences.

Surprisingly, the climax of the action thriller was shot on a huge set with the entire crew involved. With a large budget, the makers spent 40 days only on the climax sequence.

Speaking about the same director AP Arjun told TOI, “We have a very unique climax. We have shot that sequence for 52 days. I think we are the first ones to shoot such a lengthy climax, and the story demanded it. It comprises long action blocks. We had three fight masters working together on this, and it has come out very well.”


Speaking at the teaser launch, Dhruva explained that he plays a character called Arjun, who is paired with Vaibhavi Shandilya, and that there is another character called Martin. The narrative explores who and what Martin is.

“I don’t do much romance. I want my fans to watch my films with their kids so you will not see a lot of romance in my films. Honestly, doing the action is difficult for me, but I love to do it.”

2 massive ‘Heavyweights’

Talking more about the fight scenes, in the teaser Dhruva gets thrashed by two international heavyweights. Explaining more about these 2 massive characters, Dhruva said, “One guy is called Neckzila and he has the longest neck and the other one is my favorite Nathan Jones. He is a former UFC champion.”


“I was not aware that I had to perform with them. I was asked to put on weight and I wanted to match their heft to look like a beast. On a serious note, working with them was very difficult. They gave me a couple of hits which were so bad, I had to request them and remind them the fight was not real and we are only acting,” he adds.

Martin, which is produced by Uday K Mehta, will get a pan-Indian release in five Indian languages including Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi. Along with Dhruva Sarja, the film has a stellar star cast including Vaibhavi Shandilya, Anveshi Jain, Chikkanna, Malavika Avinash, Achyuth Kumar, Nikitin Dheer, Nawab Shah, and Rohit Pathak.

Mani Sharma composed the songs for the project, while Ravi Basrur handles the background score and sound design. Sathya Hegde is the director of photography.