‘When You Know I’m Sushant’s Father, Why Don’t You Talk To Me?’, KK Singh’s Leaked Chat With Rhea

KK Singh

A recently shared screenshot of a WhatsApp chat has revealed that the father of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput had messaged Rhea Chakraborty and Shruti Modi inquiring about his son’s health.

KK Singh, Sushant Singh’s father, had messaged Rhea Chakraborty on the 29th November at around 12.34 pm where he said,


“When you have come to know that its Sushant’s father then why don’t you speak to me. What is the reason? If you are getting Sushant treated being a friend then it is also my responsibility to know the details. Therefore call me and share all the information.”

Rhea (17)

KK Singh had also tried to contact the former manager of Sushant, Shruti Modi on the same day. Just 18 minutes before he sent the text to Rhea, he messaged Modi saying,

“I know you handle the expenses and other things of Sushant, and it was the reason why I wanted to speak to you. Wanted to know in which condition he is in. Yesterday I spoke to Sushant and he said that he was troubled. Now you can imagine being a father, how worried I must be for my son. It was the reason why I wanted to speak to you. And now when you are not speaking then I want to come to Mumbai. Send the flight ticket.”

Rhea’s Bihar Election Statement

Rhea Chakraborty, the girlfriend of the late actor, has been accused of abetment of suicide, cheating, and conspiracy. However, on Monday, she has come out and said that she has been a victim of media trial which has pronounced her guilty before the due judicial process. She has filed an additional affidavit in responding to the contentions of both Bihar and Maharashtra government. In her affidavit, Rhea said,

“The sad incident of the death of Sushant, who hailed from Bihar, unfortunately, occurred just in wake of elections in Bihar. This has led to the issue of suicide of the deceased being isolated and blown out of proportion. A few media channels are examining and cross-examining all the witnesses in the case. I am already convicted by media even before a foul-play in the death of Sushant is established.”


Source: Free Press Journal