When A Psychology Professor Encounters A Prostitute! This Kannada Short Film ‘Gutrugooooooo’ Is Just Awesome

The Kannada Short Film culture is slowly on the rise. In recent years, we have seen some quality shorts coming through and even winning trophies abroad. The latest addition is the film ‘Gutrugooooo’ which dropped on YouTube recently.

Directed by Kishan Badrinath and featuring prominent actors like Sridhar KS and Ganavi Laxman, ‘Gutrugooooo’ delves on a rather unconventional topic for a short film, especially in Kannada. There are varied other winning attributes, which we talk about in the below headings.


Based on an ‘Anonymous’ Whatsapp forward

In the post-credits, the makers reveal that the film is based on an anonymous Whatsapp forward. Well, for those coming off that incredible climax, this revelation seems entirely believable. There was a serious tone maintained until then, and for all those who were expecting some mindboggling payoff, the director pulled off an unexpected trick. It is here that the short leaves a solid impact on the viewers.

Terrific Acting on display

There is a general tendency to ignore acting skills in a short movie. However, you just cannot escape past this aspect in ‘Gutrugooooo’. Sridhar KS and ‘Hero’ fame Ganavi Laxman are established actors, and they deliver a terrific performance. While Sridhar fits suitably to the professor’s role, Ganavi looks brilliant on-screen and woos the audience. The make-up and costume departments have also done their jobs well.

Quality no less than a mainstream film!

Be it the dialogues, quality of visuals or the BGM, this short offers nothing less than a mainstream feature film. In fact, in the middle of it, it would not be a surprise if you catch yourself realizing that you are in a short film and not in a scene of a Sandalwood movie! Such is the quality that watching it for free on YouTube will be your best deal of the day.