‘When A Child Is Hurt, The Mother Doesn’t Give Loans’: Rahul Takes A Jibe At Modi’s COVID-19 Package

Rahul Gandhi (2)
Courtesy: NDTV

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has commented on the BJP Government’s 20 lakh crore economic relief package, and concluded that the package might not help India revive its economy.

The 20 Lakh Crore Package

A few days ago, PM Narendra Modi announced a package of 20 lakh crores, approximately 10% of India’s GDP, as means to help India fight back the faltering economy. In the last couple of days, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been giving further details about this package.


Rahul Gandhi’s comments on the package

Rahul Gandhi felt that the migrant laborers and farmers need cash, and that loans would not help them at the moment. He said: “They are in pain. Government of India and Mother India can not be sahukar (lender). To fire demand, we need to directly transfer cash.

He also appealed the BJP government to consider Congress party’s proposal of the MSME packagae and NYAY scheme, both of which aims to distribute cash to the poor families. He reiterated that with most of the package contents being loans, they would not help the needy.

Further, taking a jibe, the former Congress President said: “When a child is hurt, the mother protects her children. She doesn’t give a loan. That’s what pains me as a citizen.” Rahul also sympathized with the migrant workers, saying it is heartbreaking that many are walking thousands of kilometers, without proper food, and are also exposing themselves to risks and tragedies.


Source: The Hindu