WhatsApp Is Back And It Is Not Banned. Also, It Is Not Chargeable. Say No To Fake News!

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The powerful social media trio of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram recently faced a global outage with the users’ complaining inability to upload or send images on all these three platforms. The outage affected users in Europe, America, and India. 

Later on, Facebook that owns both the other platforms explained that the disruption was due to maintenance operation and thankfully was fixed. However, prior to that, fake messages about the speculative ban on WhatsApp started circulating in a big way on the internet. These messages also said that WhatsApp will become chargeable in the future. 


WhatsApp Not Banned 

Surprisingly, even active social media users were bowled by some fake messages. One of the messages legit said, “Thank You-Google” as sign-off. But the users were initially so panicked that many even did not question as to why Google should be sending such messages when WhatsApp is owned by Facebook?

So rest assured, WhatsApp is not going to be banned neither is it going to close down from 11.30 pm to 6 am daily as some fake messages put in.

According to sources, users should stop taking such messages into consideration and even stop those sending them thereby putting a halt to further spread of such misinformation. One of the messages said that the messenger app will be shut down every day in between 11.30 pm to 6 am as per the directives initiated by the Central Government and that it carried the message from PM Narendra Modi.


Threats And Warnings

Some of the messages even urged the people to forward the posts or else their account will get deactivated or they may even be charged a particular amount for re-activating it.  Multiple threats and warnings in this way circulated within a short time Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram faced global outage. But it is not the first time that such incidences have occurred. Hence, there were many old players on social media who thought it best to ignore such messages. 

The latest message claims to be from the Central Government and says, “issue involving the pictures updates not showing”. The message further says that Whatsapp will be open only for the “avid users” and for that these users should forward the above message.

Good news is that Facebook has not said anything about the service being banned or charged officially. Neither there has been any related updates from the Central Government or Google. The outage was caused due to a bug accidentally triggered during a maintenance operation, says Facebook. 


Thankfully, the servers bounced 100% back in the night but not before triggering off some interesting reactions on Twitter.