What To Consider When Picking A Rifle And Scope


While a big part of hunting success comes down to your skills, a lot matters on the tools you use. Much effort should be put into finding the best rifle and scope for the job and don’t get sucked in by marketing gimmicks when it comes to making your selection. You want to use reason and have a level head when making a purchase.
Your Budget

You could purchase a basic scope and rifle for a couple of hundred dollars, or you could spend tens of thousands on state-of-the-art equipment. The magnitude of options and price points means that you should determine your budget before you go shopping.

What Kind Of Game You’re After

When choosing a rifle, you really need to consider the game you will be targeting. If it’s just hard then a .22 will do fine. If you plan to blast at large deer from a distance, then you may want a .303. Check out this list of recommended calibers for a different game to find out more.


Short Range Or Long Range Shooting

When selecting your gun and your scope, you should determine what kind of distances you will be shooting from. If you’re shooting at rats and snakes at point-blank range, then you will need a totally different set up than if you’re shooting at deer from 1000 yards.


Some guns have a reputation for reliability while others are known to regularly jam. If you’re a serious hunter, then you should be looking for a gun that has been time-tested rather than a new flashy model. Some guns come with fatal flaws while others have been proven to be reliable.

BC And Muzzle Velocity

BC is a measurement of how easily a bullet flies through the air. Muzzle velocity is a measurement of speed, shown in feet per second (fps).

Before purchasing a rifle, you should check these readings to get an idea of the power and effectiveness of the rifle. Remember, if you plan to shoot at long range, you will find that the higher the BC, the better.

how to use rifle

Scope Magnification

If you intend to shoot game at long distances, then you should scrutinize your scope’s magnification. For example, 4-16X and 5-20X give you a decent chance of hitting targets beyond 400 yards. If you want to hit targets beyond 800 yards (let’s call this super long range), then you should try to find a scope with the highest magnification possible. If you’re using an AR-15, then you may need a top 300 Blackout scope that is effective at long range.

Scope Illumination

If you’re trying to hit the vital zones of game, then you need to be extremely precise with your shots. Selecting a scope with very fine cross hairs is recommended. If the cross hairs are too bulky, it makes long-range shots tricky.


Final Thoughts

Picking the right rifle and scope isn’t easy. These are just some of the many considerations that you should make. Just don’t fall for any hype or let a salesman talk you into purchasing an expensive piece of equipment that simply isn’t suitable for your hunting style.




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