What Is The Guarantee Pakistan Won’t Send Spies As Hindus Under CAA, Asks Arvind Kejriwal

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said that there is no guarantee that Pakistan would not send spies as Hindus below the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He also said that the new law will affect both Hindus and Muslims.

Pak Hindu spies 

At this moment when the country is witnessing a disturbing atmosphere with protests against the new law of the Citizenship Amendment Act, instead of reducing the concerns of the anxious people, the 51-year-old is adding butter into the fire to feed fears among people. Exhibiting doubts about the CAA, Kejriwal asked what’s the guarantee Pakistan won’t assign spies as Hindus to seek shelter in India.


source: abp

Addressing the fifth town hall meeting, conducted by ABP news channel, Kejriwal questioned the need for the controversial law.

The 51-year-old further said that the CAA will influence both Hindus and Muslims and the Centre should first take responsibility for its citizens and then of people from other countries.

“There are many questions that need to be noticed like what is the guarantee that Pakistan would not send spies as Hindus following the amended Citizenship Act,” he pointed out.


“It is a misunderstanding that CAA will only impact Muslims. It will also affect the Hindus who are not able to exhibit their documents,” he said.

AAP’s manifesto for next elections

With the upcoming assembly election arriving month after, the Chief Minister has left no stone unturned. Arvind Kejriwal said if he is re-elected he will make roads in Delhi like that of London and Tokyo in the next five years. He said his focus is to beautify Delhi and 40 roads are being redesigned in the city.

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“We have chosen specialists to identify bottlenecks in the city where traffic gridlock takes place. They will present their plan in the next couple of months and based on their ideas, we will try to solve the problem of traffic congestion,” he said.


He reemphasized his promise to make bus rides free for others if he is re-elected.
“A lot of activity still has to be done in Delhi. The Yamuna has to be cleaned, Delhi has to be cleaned, pollution needs to be checked and transport needs to be corrected,” he said.