What Is A Vampire Facelift, And Why Go For It?


What is a Vampire Facelift?

A vampire facelift is a treatment that allows you to restore your facial features to their youthful look like you once used to have. The process involves using serums and a blood sample, which is then formed into a series of different growth factors and skin rejuvenating platelets. The process is not very lengthy and will have you on your feet and showing off your almost new face in no time. Though it is quite an aggressive procedure there is no surgery involved and there is little to no downtime. Some people have even said it feels like exercise for your face because your skin becomes much brighter and your pores reduce in size. All around the procedure will help aid in your body’s ability to regenerate cells and produce a tighter and more glowing appeal.

Where Can I Go To Get A Vampire Facelift?

There are not a large number of places that offer a vampire facelift. Vampire Facelift Treatments Covington, if you are in the area is a great place to go. Vampire Facelift Treatments Covington does suggest a few things that you should do prior to a visit for your vampire facelift. A few days before you visit it is highly suggested that you stop using any topical Retinoids or anything of this nature.

Exfoliants should also be discontinued, especially any that may cause any sort of irritation to the skin on your face. Staying out of direct sunlight for too long at one time is a great step that should be followed if you can. When the day of your procedure has come you should do a couple of things. First thing is to make sure you don’t have any makeup on your face because this can complicate the process and may make the procedure take longer than you expected. Once you have actually arrived you should clean your face one last time to ensure there are no issues with the procedure and to ensure a clean surface to work from.

Are Good Results Typical?

Results are quite good for most patients. Though it is not necessarily guaranteed, you can likely see a reduction of anywhere from 1-10 years off the look of your skin and pores. From pictures and past procedures, there are many patients who look as though they have gone through facial surgery, but this is not the case because they got a vampire facelift and there was no surgery involved. Many people get differing results but you can also get an estimate based on your skin type and what types of pores you have. For the typical patient, this is a great option if you want to look younger and more vibrant. Many people will likely ask you what your secret is to looking so young. Then all you have to do is match your new looks with some pep in your step and nobody will have any clue.

How Long Do The Results Last?

If you are considering a vampire facelift, especially through Vampire Facelift Treatments Covington, you should expect results to last anywhere from 6 months up to a year. It is not a permanent procedure, but it will definitely have you coming back for more. After the first procedure, the future ones will be quicker and will have very similar results to the first. Now you just have to decide whether this is something you are interested in and when will work best for you. It’s a great experience for those wanting a brighter aesthetic.



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