What If RCB Players Belonged To Different Areas Of Bengaluru

Royal Challengers Bangalore has always had a good connection with its local fans. Although this relationship has traveled on turbulent roads in recent times due to a variety of issues, we are pretty sure things are okay at the moment.

Nevertheless, a thought struck as to what would happen if the current RCB cricketers belonged to different areas of the city. Of course, it’s imaginary, but if that’s a realistic case, then where would Kohli come from? Which route BMTC bus would AB De Villiers take to get to Chinnaswamy? Which is the ideal area for Chahal to do his TikTok videos? Let’s take a look at the below headings.


Kammanahalli Kohli

A happening locale on the other side of the city, had there been a local tournament, surely, RCB’s captain would have been referred to as ‘Kammanahalli Kohli’. Thankfully for him, the ride to the airport would be much shorter.

Dasarahalli de Villiers

If the man strikes the ball, there is just no looking back for the leather cork. Had ABD been from Bengaluru, Dasarahalli would have been his birthplace.

Fraser Town Finch

RCB’s overseas opener is slowly finding feet in UAE. He just scored a fifty, and if he does come back with a trophy, we can surely offer him a treat at Frazer Town’s Albert Bakery.


Chickpet Chahal

If Chickpet ever had to get a brand ambassador, none would be better than Chahal. A wizard on the pitch, the traders at Chickpet would love to learn a few tricks from Chahal in ‘deceiving’ people.

Sadashivanagar Saini

He is RCB’s latest bowling hope, and if the yorkers keep coming in like they are arriving in recent weeks, a new duplex at Sadashivnagar might actually not be far away.

Upparpete Umeshanna

He may not be having the best of times on the pitch but when he starts to find form, he can be extremely lethal. He is none other than our very own Upparpete Umesh.


Dollar’s Colony Devdutt

For the kind of displays he has been putting up in recent days, it is pretty evident that Devdutt would be counting dollars in the coming years. Hence, the name.

Shivajinagar Siraj Bhai

This needs no explanation. A self-proclaimed fan of Biriyani, Siraj would have fun on the streets of Shivajinagar. Also, doesn’t his current hairstyle look copied from the Shivajinagar boys?

Austin Town Ali

Had Moeen actually been from Bengaluru, Austin Town would have been a good place for his abode. The name fits too – Austin Town Ali.


Mahadevapura Morris

Morris’ injury has disrupted RCB’s plans, but when he comes back, a neat welcome would be abiding for him. RCB fans are also waiting for his entry, and at the moment, he is their ‘Maha dev’.

Sarjapur Sundar

Sundar has also made bowling look beautiful in recent days, and if all goes well, a ‘Sarjapur-flat-esque’ prize is in the store for the youngster.

Domlur Dube

Shivam Dube showed his value in the match against Mumbai Indians, and hence, we thought he must not miss out on this list. So, then, Domlur Dube it is.