What If Duniya Soori Had Named The Cricketers From Namma RCB

Duniya Soori is arguably one of the best Sandalwood filmmakers at the moment. While he is revered for his filmmaking abilities, Soori is also known for the quirky way of naming his characters. Names like Cockroach, Oushadi Mohana, Monkey Seena, Daali, and Loose Maadha are still fresh in our memories. Obviously, most of these are derived from the Underworld.

Now, what would have resulted had Duniya Soori been tasked to name the cricketers of RCB? Well, we have an idea of what the names could have been. So, here we go!


Kushka Kohli

Right now, Mr. Kohli is serving Biryani to the fans of RCB & if Duniya Soori was given an opportunity to christen the RCB captain, we feel his choice would be Kushka Kohli. The pun in Ko(h)li and Kohli is, of course, unintended.

Dope de Villiers

When you watch his batting, you get nothing short of a ‘high’. Many of Suri’s films have been set around such surroundings, and we feel he would incline towards ‘Dope’ de Villiers.

Silent Saini

Navdeep Saini has been at the center of the RCB’s success in the bowling department this edition. A fierce and intense player on the pitch, Soori would have taken note of the ‘Silent’ side of him.


Petrol Padikkal

Devdutt Padikkal has already set the tournament on fire with his batting displays. The man has gone further and even set several girls hearts’ on fire. It would not be a mistake to call RCB’s young opener as Petrol Padikkal from now on. Duniya Soori will surely be a proud man.

Soppu Sundara

Praises are not enough to appreciate the class that Washington Sundar has exhibited this season. This man needs a worthy name, and so, Soori can use his favorite word ‘Soppu’.

Uma Beedi Umeshanna

Umesh Yadav has had a tough start to the season, but when he turns up good, it will be a nightmare for the opposition. Hoping that it happens soon, here’s naming him as ‘Uma Beedi’ Umeshanna.


Sukka Siraaja

Siraj has surprisingly been decent this year. He has changed as a bowler, and you could see that he is learning from his mistakes (exceptions excluded). Giving full marks to his improving performance, Sukka Soori now donates his prefix name to Siraj.

Fenoyl Finchy

We know it’s Phenoyl, but for the impact, we chose to write it as ‘Fenoyl’. He is known to take the bowlers to the ‘clean’ers, and we hope it happens a few times in RCB colors.

Filament Philippe

We are yet to witness the fired-up version of this filament in IPL. He is young, exciting, and sure to awe the fans in the future.


Meetru Morris

RCB has started to display its ‘Meter’ ever since Chris Morris came into the line-up. While the big man has excited us with his yorkers, we are also waiting for more of his magic with the long handle, just like the last over sixes against Punjab in the last match.

Chakli Chahal

Chahal spins a web around the batsmen more often than not. While moving the ball around often leads to wickets, in another part of the world, moving the instrument (spare us for not knowing the word in English!) leads to crunchy and crispy Chaklis.

Andar Bahar Ali

He has been ‘in and out’ of the team so far this edition. However, when the pitches start slowing down in the later stages of the tournament, Moeen Ali will play a crucial role for RCB.

Oodinkaddi Udana

Just like the ‘Oodinkaddi’, Isuru Udana is a slow burner on the cricket pitch. While he may seem expensive, Udana is a wicket-taker and will surely win the fans over in the coming days.


Dilpasand Dube

Shivam Dube has been okay this season. Whenever he has got the chance, he has done well considering the circumstances. For spending close to INR 5 cr on him, we are sure the RCB owners will have their hearts happy at the moment.