What Happened To The Elder Brothers Of Lord Krishna?

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The Happy Marriage Ceremony

It all started with the happy wedding of Devaki and Vasudeva. The cousin sister of Kamsa, Devaki, was getting married to a friend of Kamsa. Kamsa was very happy and he was driving the chariot himself to see them off.

The Akashvani To Warn

As God will have it, the celestial prophecy mocked Kamsa for his foolishness on celebrating the very marriage which will give birth to his own death–the eight born of the couple would grow up to kill him.


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Finishing His Sister Off

As he realized that the danger is imminent, he tried to kill Devaki but Vasudeva’s prompt action saved her. Vasudeva implored Kamsa to spare her life because the threat was from the progeny and not from them–he also promised that whenever a child would take birth, he himself would hand over it to Kamsa.

Kamsa Considered Thus

Vasudeva was true to his word. Moreover, Devaki was his beloved sister, and therefore, Kamsa agreed to spare her life. However, he put them in behind bars and made sure that they are under surveillance all the time.

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The Days In The Prison

Within a quick period of time, the joy gave way to the gloom, and it seemed all the world was plunged into darkness. From a happy couple that just got married, Devaki and Vasudeva saw themselves locked in prison–away from the luxury of princely life, the couple spent their days in desperation and hope swinging like a pendulum.


The Firstborn

After some time, the first baby was born. Before the baby could spend even some happy hours in the lap of his mother, word reached Kamsa and he immediately killed him. The couple could not resist it because that’s how it was settled. Babies will be given to kill to save the mother

Why Kill The Very First One?

It is of interested to point out that Kamsa did not want to kill all of them. He was told that the 8th son will pose danger. However, to take his bad deeds to an extreme level, God planned a plot. Narada was sent to instigate and confuse him about the counting.

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The Dots In The Circle

Narada approached Kamsa with a question that how he knows the beginning of dots that are put in a circle. Any of them could be the first one and the eighth one. Kamsa took the advice and knowledge that Vishnu may play the mischief with him, he decided to kill them all.


It Went On

From then on, Kamsa kept on killing every single child born of Devaki. Thus 6 elder brothers of Lord Krishna got killed without any life on earth. One wonder why their fate was such. Though born as elder brothers of Krishna, why they had to face death before even they could realize what life is?

It Was All Karma

As it is believed, the fate that elder brothers of Krishna had was because of their Karma. They had to fulfil the call of this Karma that gave them human life, being born by the same mother that would bore the avatar of Lord Vishnu but still not able to enjoy life.

The Seventh Child

As destiny would have it, the seventh child could have also died. But Sheshnag had to take avatar as the elder brother of Krishna. He was given to the womb of the other wife of Vasudeva named Rukmini. Though this highly scientific method, his life was saved.


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The Eighth Child

And then, when the time came, Lord Krishna, himself took avatar. Kamsa had waited for this moment since long as he dreaded the eighth child most and wanted to make sure there is no error in killing him.

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The Divine Leela

However, as the God intended, at the time of the birth of Lord Krishna, everybody fell asleep except Vasudeva, who picked the baby Krishna and went to Nanda and exchanged his daughter with Lord Krishna.

She Was No Ordinary Child

When Kamsa came to know that a girl child was born, he was surprised but he had to kill her too. When he tried too, the divine child, who was the avatar of Maya risen to the sky and took her natural form and declared thus: “O Kamsa! The one that will kill you has taken birth in Vrindavan.”

Why God Did Not Save The Other Brothers

One might wonder why God did not do his divine Leela when it came to the life of other elder brothers–why save only Balarama and not the other six. The answer only lies in Karma theory of something that we don’t understand yet. How do you feel about it? Share your views.