What Does Sharia Law mean For Women In Afghanistan Under Taliban?

In the recent press meet organised by Taliban; they proposed to give rights to women not like the previous government during 1996 but will consider easing restrictions for women but under Sharia law? But the question still remains: what is Sharia law and what is its threshold point?

These Are Some Of The Prevailing Questions-

Can women go out in the market?

They can. But during their previous rule, Taliban made it conditional, saying a woman needed to be accompanied by a male family member (child or adult) when she went out.


Can women hang out with friends?

The Taliban had effectively placed women under house arrest in the past prohibiting them from hanging out with friends outside home.

Can women meet male friends?

Women are not allowed to interact with boys over 12 or men who are not family.

Can women get education?

Women can get education but not in a regular school, college or madrasas where boys or men too study.


Can women apply make-up?

During their previous rule, the Taliban had prohibited use of makeup including nail-polish by women.

Afghani women protesting against Taliban and its Sharia laws

Can women play music and dance?

Music is illegal under Sharia law. The Taliban had punished those who played music or danced on tunes at parties.

Can women work in Offices?

The Taliban have said women would be allowed to work. But reports from Afghanistan said bankers and employees of public offices were escorted by Taliban on their way home. They were told their male relatives could start working in their place.


Is it mandatory to wear a burqa?

Yes. Display of beauty is not allowed under Sharia law. The Taliban stipulate that girls above eight must wear burqa when accompanying a male member of the family or when they interact with an outsider at home.

How should women speak?

During the previous Taliban regime, it was prescribed that women should speak in a voice that is not audible to a stranger whether in a gathering of women or in public.

one of the main questions is what if a woman breaks the so-called Sharia law?

The Taliban carry out exemplary punishments for violation of the Sharia law. Women were, in the previous rule, sentenced to public humiliation, flogging and stoning to death for different crimes under the Sharia law.