What? Did We Hear Right? A New Bollywood With No Intimacy Policy Post Covid 19 Pandemic?

Intimacy has been a crucial part of Bollywood movies and it’s theatrical portrayal has been a bold one. From kissing scenes to making out scenes, bollywood has showcased intimacy very bluntly on screens.

However, this concept might change in the industry, considering the fact that covid 19 has changed the ways in which we used to look at things. Now that we practice social distancing, it can be a big challenge in Bollywood – how will the actors showcase their chemistry while maintaining physical distance?


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Will this situation bring the craze for Bollywood movies down or will it have a new impact for the audience? Are we gonna see the couple romancing on the screen wearing mask and maintaining social distance or will the actors showcase a decent way of romancing without touching or kissing? Well! This is something highly debatable and might involve new controversies.

Cinematic intimacy will take time to return. I can’t imagine us sweating and close dancing in a film immediately. We surely will have to reinvent a working style and be cautious. Not because of lack of ideas but purely behavioural changes on sets in terms of being careful about hygiene and not overcrowding among other things. It surely is an area of concern, Sanjay Suri told PTI.

Producers’ Guild has submitted guidelines of on-set safety measures for when the shooting resumes. This includes the deep cleaning of hair and make-up products, mandatory masks and gloves for make-up artists and other present on set. Actors and all other related professionals will be tested and all chairs and furniture will be covered with thick plastic that will be regularly sanitised.

We look forward to seeing how differently will these films be released post lockdown.