What Did PM Modi Mean When He Said ‘Judas Betrayed Jesus Christ’ While Slamming LDF In His Speech

PM Modi
Courtesy: zeenews.com

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday slammed opposition parties and stated that the fixed match of United Democratic Front (UDF) and Left Democratic Front (LDF) is going to be rejected by Kerala in the forthcoming Assembly polls.

Interestingly he made a reference to the betrayal of Judas and said, “About LDF it can be said, Judas has betrayed Lord Christ for a few pieces of silver. LDF has betrayed Kerala for a few pieces of gold.”


PM’s remark comes ahead of the Holy Week – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday leading up to Easter Sunday.

For those unversed, the incident referred by PM Modi is about Maundy Thursday evening when Judas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, arrived in Gethsemane with a large crowd armed with swords and clubs and sent by the chief priests and the elders.

They were to arrest the man Judas kissed. Judas went straight to Jesus and said, “Peace be with you, Teacher,” and kissed him. Jesus was taken to the home of Caiaphas, the High Priest, where the whole council had gathered to begin making their case against Jesus.


The Gospel of Matthew states that Judas committed the betrayal in exchange for thirty pieces of silver. After learning that Jesus was to be crucified, Judas attempted to return the money he had been paid for his betrayal to the chief priests and committed suicide by hanging.

Speaking at an election rally in Palakkad, PM Modi said, “For many years, the worst kept secret of Kerala politics was the friendly agreement of UDF and LDF. Now, the first-time voter of Kerala is asking- what is this match-fixing? People are seeing how UDF and LDF misled them.”

“I have come among you to seek your blessings for the Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming state elections. I have come here with a vision that is refreshingly different from the current situation in Kerala,” the Prime Minister said and added that the people of Palakkad have had a close bond with our Party.


Over the last few years, the politics of Kerala is seeing a major shift, PM Modi said and stated that the move is being driven by the aspirations of the youth, especially the first-time voter in the state.

Elections for 140-member Kerala Assembly will be held on April 6. The counting of votes will be held on May 2.

Source: Free Press Journal