What An Idea: Donate Anything From Footwear To Clothes At Wall Of Kindness in Bengaluru

wall of kindness bangalore

“Wall of Kindness” is an initiative from Rotary Club in Basaveshwaranagar. It provides the local residents an opportunity to donate materials that are of no use to them any longer so that people in need can use them. The materials can be anything from kitchenware, stationery, footwear, clothes, or anything that someone may find useful.

A Wall To Fulfill Needs Of All 

The MLA of Rajajinagar, Suresh Kumar said, “What makes me happy is that this initiative has completed eight days and is running successfully. But my request to the donors is not to bring any damaged items.” This ”Wall of Kindness” has been erected on the roadside of the city and has several racks. The donors can keep their contributions in these racks. Anyone who wants to contribute can simply go and drop the materials. Similarly, anyone in need can pick up the material he finds useful or necessary.  

The Rotarians have received active support from the MLA. The rack is seven feet in height and nine feet in width with 25 compartments. “This idea occurred to us while discussing how we can to help the needy people,’’ says Sudhir Navale of Rotary Basaveshwaranagar. He further added that the activity is slowly gaining momentum with many residents coming forward to give away what they do not need. 

Navale further added, “A retired employee came to know about the Wall of Kindness and wanted to donate few items for the needy. It may be embarrassing for some people to seek help from others. But the needy people can just come here and take whatever they need without asking anyone or feeling embarrassed.’

‘Wall Of Kindness’ Inspired By Similar Activity In Mysuru

On the occasion of the inauguration of the “Wall of Kindness”, MLA Suresh Kumar said that he happened to see a similar project in Mysuru a few years ago and wanted it to come up in the city of Bengaluru. He was very happy that what he thought has now become real.

MLA Suresh Kumar has asked the residents of the Basaveshwarnagar and Rajajinagar to cooperate with rotary members and take this initiative forward.    

Where: Rotary Wall of Kindness at Bashyam circle Rajajinagar, in front of Wall of Tapasana Diagnostic Center.



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