What An Idea: Bengaluru Techie Designs An Air Conditioned Helmet For Cool Rides

source: toi

Wearing a helmet on a sunny day is like the most painful thing we ever do. Even though it saves our life but these protection gears are heavy and suffocating. The new traffic rules have forced the motorists to wear a helmet on a hot and sunny day which is turning out to be very difficult for the commuters. In this context, a techie from Bengaluru has designed a prototype air-conditioner helmet that will keep you cozy under the blazing sun.

AC Helmets will keep you cool under the sun

Sandeep Dahiya, director at a multinational company, has developed a helmet that will keep your head cool while driving your two-wheeler motor vehicle. Known for his passion to design user-friendly products, Sandeep invented this amazing idea in his garage turned workshop in RT Nagara.


The techie has designed eight different models of AC Helmets in the last four and a half years and has finally come up with a perfect model as he named it ‘Vatanukul’. This final model works on DC power (12 volts) which will be connected to the bike battery to keep the cooling effect inside the helmet.

source: timesofindia

How does it work?

This prototype helmet weighs up to 1.7 kg which is lighter as compared to the helmets available in markets which weigh approximately up to 2 kg. The Vatanukul comes with 2 parts- the first version carries rubber tubes which will circulate air inside the helmet. The second part is known as wear-on unit, just like a backpack, it will have reverse thermocouple, heat exchanger, control and blower unit.

The heat exchanger works as an air-conditioner and there is no need for ice or water. This helmet has no power supply but has air circulators in the form of rubber tubes. The semiconductor in the helmet helps either dropping or increasing the temperature. It is connected to a remote that controls the temperature inside the helmet.


source: cartaq

“The sight of two-wheeler riders taking off their helmet and putting them on the fuel tank on the vehicles while waiting for the traffic signals is what drove me to design Vatanukul. I am a rider myself. When the helmet’s visor is closed, there is no air and it becomes suffocating, though it may be life-saving. So, I decided to come up with a user-friendly helmet,” Sandeep said.