West Bengal BJP MLA Found Hanging Outside His House, Party Says He Was Murdered

In West Bengal village of Baliyadighi, social distancing in the midst of a pandemic went for a toss after the BJP MLA Debendra Nath Ray was found hanging dead in his home.

Post the news of his death, people in the village flocked in numbers in front of his home to catch a glimpse of the corpse. The police tried to move the crowd away but it didn’t succeed as they wanted. Interestingly, the West Bengal unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party has alleged that the MLA was murdered first and then hung outside the home. The body has been taken to post mortem. There has not been an FIR filed yet.



As per the villagers, Ray was called outside his house by people on a motorcycle who took Ray to a tea-stall nearby. People are not clear about what happened later. There has been speculation about whether there was an altercation between the people and Ray. The BJP unit believes that Ray was first killed before he was hung. Ray was previously an MLA with the Communist Party of India in 2016 and in 2019, he joined the BJP. His family claim that there was personal enmity. Ray’s daughter in law, Prati Burman said,

“People killed him, he was found hanging. There was enmity, he was called at 1.30 am from the house. He was at home. I think he was killed. We don’t know who called him. We want the perpetrators to be hung. He was called before, but this time they killed him.”

Party Demands CBI Inquiry

Jitesh Chandra Rai, the nephew of the deceased leader said,

“He was here at night at the tea stall. He had come to take his signature after which he went home. After that around 1.00 am, a motorcycle went past the house, everyone was asleep. He told my aunt, he will be back. But he did not come back all night. Then I came here and saw this horrific sight. I think miscreants killed and hung him. He was a running MLA. We want a CBI inquiry.”


Source: Free Press Journal