10 Reasons Why Weekend With Ramesh Is One Of The Most Loved Shows In Karnataka

weekend with ramesh

A show which recently returned for another reason, Weekend with Ramesh is arguably the best non-fiction show in Kannada Television History. From its inspiring intent to amazing host, here are the 10 reasons why we think it is one of the most loved shows in Karnataka.

It’s Inspiring Nature

One of the most appealing factors of the show has been its nature of telling inspiring stories. Whenever you are feeling low or down, an episode of WWR is sure to bring your spirits up.

At a time when people are being slaves to earn their daily bread, Weekend With Ramesh aims to bring them back to where they belong; their dream.


Its been a long standing desire of people to get to know their favorite celebrities’ life, especially, in India where celebrity culture is huge. Weekend with Ramesh gives us a much-required insight into our favorite celebrity’s life, their struggle, their journey, and their success. It is also a breath of fresh air when the celebrities give us an insight into some of their failures.

weekend with ramesh


While most shows playing on Television focuses majorly on entertainment, Weekend with Ramesh stands out as the only show to have the potential to impact people’s life. There have been instances where people have introspected their own life because of the show. The deep sense of intimate connect is one of the reasons why the show is loved.


For years, the reality shows in Kannada have been either an adaption or a carbon copy of already existing shows in other languages. Weekend with Ramesh is one of the only few shows to have its inception in Kannada. After its successful run here, it has been adopted in various other languages. A feat, very rare for Kannada Television.

weekend with ramesh

Uniting the Family 

What KBC did in the early 2000s, Weekend with Ramesh is doing now – making each member of the family to assemble in the living room and spend quality time. The Youth had moved away from Television. It is only because of this show that most of the Youth are coming back to watch a Kannada Show. It also makes the family share an emotional time together while watching the show.


There have been numerous shows launched every year in Kannada and only a few manage to live longer. The main reason is its nature of being pretentious. The audience rejects anything which pretends to be something it is not. Weekend with Ramesh seems to be right from the heart with no pretense whatsoever.

weekend with ramesh

The Format 

For non-fiction and unscripted show, the most important thing is the believability of its format. Weekend with Ramesh’s format seems believable to the extent that when they are emotional, the people watching are emotional too. As someone had said, you make people laugh or cry; you have a place in their heart. Weekend with Ramesh is sure to have a place in people’s heart.


We live in a generation where mental health has become a talking point; where the suicides have gone up; where people have started taking failures to their heart. Weekend with Ramesh is not only a show to entertain, but it is also a show catered to people who are sensitive to failures. One of the biggest achievements of the show has been its way of normalizing failures. This might not be the USP of the show but year after year, it is managing to touch each soul at a time.

weekend with ramesh


There has never been a show on Kannada Television which has consistently been successful in making people shed a tear and smile at the same time. The show creates moments. Moments hard to script. Moments have never been witnessed. Moments itched in people’s hearts.

Ramesh Aravind 

Last but definitely not the least; Ramesh Arvind is the heart of the show. His humility towards each celebrity and his perspective towards life make the show come alive. He, as a people’s representative in the show, creates magic without a spell.

If there is anything the Kannada Television Industry must be proud of, it should definitely be Weekend with Ramesh.