We Were Zero Earlier, Are Zero Now, So It’s A BJP Defeat, Not Ours: Congress Leader Sadhu Singh Dharamsot

source: telegraphindia

It’s not a defeat until you accept it, a motto that Congress is following after a heavy defeat in Delhi election 2020. The grand old party who failed to open an account for a second consecutive time feels it was not defeated in the national capital’s assembly election. Pointing out the stats, the Congress party believes it was the BJP who tasted failure in the assembly polls.

Congress is not defeated 

Punjab Cabinet member and a Congress leader, Sadhu Singh Dharamsot on Tuesday said his party was not defeated in the Delhi election as its score remained zero like in 2015, and so it was the BJP’s loss.


“We were zero earlier, and this time too we are zero. So it’s not our loss. It’s a disappointment for the BJP,” he told a media person.

Congress has lost all 67 out of the 70 Delhi assembly constituency and nicked its lowest ever vote share tally of 4.36 percent. After giving Shiela Dikshit a chance to rule for 15 years straight, Delhi has once again denied the grand-old party in the Assembly Elections.

Polarisation politics

Notwithstanding the defeat, Congress party leaders have gone out of their way to take beatings at the BJP and AAP. Delhi Congress president Subhash Chopra blamed the polarisation politics of BJP and AAP for the party’s failure in the elections while taking responsibility for the performance.


source: amarujala

“I take responsibility for the party’s performance, we will analyze the factors behind this. Reason for the drop in our vote percentage is politics of polarisation by both BJP and AAP,” he told reporters.

As it has no representation in the assembly, the party has announced that it will play the role of a useful opposition but did not explain how.