We Should Have Defined Our Boundaries Immediately After Independence, Sadhguru Says About China Dispute


Amid the rising tensions along the line of actual control in the eastern Ladakh region, the spiritual leader Sadhguru has said that there is ambiguity about the border which is leading the conflict.

Over the past month, there has been intense tension between China and India. While the latter continued to build fortifications along the LAC, India deployed more troops anticipating an attack. On Monday evening, a fight broke between the two forces resulting in casualties on both sides. Indian Armed forces lost 20 of its personnel. Reacting to the issue, the spiritual leader who often advises politically, said in an interview that there must have been defined border the moment independence was attained. He said,


“First let’s understand what we call a nation. Essentially a nation is a piece of geography. Except on the oceans, none of our other borders are properly defined. East, West, north, nowhere is it properly defined. How do you make a nation like this? After 75 years of Independence, Why have we not defined it? Because somebody did not understand what is a nation.”

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Courtesy: Indus Scrolls

‘Somebody Did Not Understand’

Speaking at a news channel about the International Yoga Day, Sadhguru was asked about to comment on the ongoing dispute with China.

“We did not understand what it means to be a nation. Whether we lost something or gained something, that’s not important. There should be no endless ambiguity about what is our nation and what is not because at any time somebody can rake up a problem. The earlier you define borders, the better it is. Now after 75 years, nobody is willing to listen to you. You should have done it the moment you get independence, within the first 2-3 years you must define the boundaries. This is very important. Someone did not understand this. This is a serious flaw.”

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi had once again attacked the central government and questioned why the armed forced were unarmed. He was quickly fact-checked by the Foreign Minister S Jaishankar who clarified that the forces were armed but as per the rules of engagement would not allow the use of firearms during face-offs. As per reports, Indian soldiers were attacked by Iron rods and clubs which are wrapped in barbed wire with nails.


Source: Times Now