Ways To Stay Active When You Have Mobility Restrictions

source: wexnermedical

Everyone knows that being active is hugely important for both your physical and mental wellbeing, but it is much harder to be active when you have mobility issues whether this is a disability, injury or simply aging. Additionally, it is much harder during the winter months when the conditions are much worse which can make it dangerous and daunting to go outside.

Benefits of Activity

Any type of activity is beneficial when you have mobility issues but you must always keep your limitations in mind. If you are able to, regular activity can improve your fitness and strength, help you to lose weight, reduce the impact of illness and injury, improve your mood and can also help you to socialize and avoid loneliness if you are able to leave the home.

Types of Activity

There are a few different types of activity that anyone with a mobility issue could benefit from.

Balance: Activities like yoga and posture exercises can help to build confidence with balance and reduce the risk of falling – this is particularly important as you age when balance can be more challenging.

Cardio: Cardio can obviously be challenging when you have mobility issues but there are a few good options, such as daily walking, cleaning the house and stair climbing.

Strength: Strength training can help to prevent loss of bone mass while building muscle and even improving balance. You can improve strength with free weights, bodyweight exercises, and exercise bands.

Flexibility: Working on your flexibility can help you to stay limber, avoid injury and carry out various daily activities. Again, activities like yoga and stationery stretches are best for this.


Mobility issues can make any form of activity challenging but there are a few ways in which you can make it easier. This includes building up slowly, considering your own limitations and having somebody with you at all times which is important for confidence. Additionally, you could also shop for a range of accessories which might make it easier for you to be active. As an example, Mobility Solutions have products such as slippers that are comfortable, non-slip and supportive to make walking around the home much easier.

Activity is important for many reasons and particularly for those with mobility issues. It can be challenging to stay active when you have a mobility issue but it is important that you find a way because this can have such a positive impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing and could also help you to socialize and get out of the house more.