Ways To Make Your Old Anarkali Have A Fresh Look 

Many festivals held in India cost you several Anarkali. This is from weddings, festivals, parties among other occasions. This beautiful Indian outfit has a regal and poised look to any function that you attend. However, wearing the same Anarkali from one event to another is boring especially when you are a fashionista kind of girl. Hence if you have an Anarkali suit that you have not worn for months. Do not count it is a dead investment since you feel like you cannot adorn to it again. Fortunately, many styling tricks will make your old Anarkali look as good as new. Below are some of the ways that you can make your Anarkali attire look fabulous again.

Turn it into a Lehenga 

Do you have an upcoming Indian festival to attend? Convert your old Anarkali into the latest ethnic wear for the festival into a beautiful Lehenga. This recycling method is tried and tested by most people in India. Either it is a silk or velvet Anarkali suit to the heavily embellished suits. You can get a beautiful Lehenga choli set from them. Ask your tailor for help if you can get your designer skills to work. It is simple by just cutting the Anarkali cut off from the pleats and re-stitch it into an ethnic skirt. Match this with a plain top and the old dupatta. Optionally you can decide to make a crop top with it to match with a plain Lehenga.


Belt it

The idea here is to bring out your creative side to give your old Anarkali a fresh look. Although as plain suits they still look elegant it is important to give it that new spark from its simplicity. Keep off the Anarkali old dupatta and get a new contrasting colored dupatta and with it draped neatly over your shoulder. Try adding a belt around your waist and see how stylish it looks. A metallic, leather or an embellished belt works wonders choose one that will balance the look properly. This turns your old Anarkali in an elegant designer outfit and the compliments will keep coming of how chic you look. Floor-length Anarkali suits are best to try with this new look for they have the best finish.

Try layering

The layered fashion is common in India and it is getting better. Any old Anarkali that you have and you want to reinvent to raise your style score, try layering it. Choose a poncho, a shrug or a jacket in contrasting colors to layer it and see how different and beautiful it looks. Fortunately, you can restyle some old sarees from your mom’s wardrobe and make the jackets from them. This will give your old Anarkali a new vibe and no one will realize that it was your old suit. To a casual function, you can adorn to either the long embroidered jacket or the short one for that regal appeal.

Restyle as a floor-length gown

There are two ways to adorn this look. First, if your old Anarkali is the long length type you can wear it as an ethnic gown. Ditch your dupatta and opt to accessorize the Anarkali with a beaded belt with simple minimal jewelry and get yourself a modern look. The other way is to add a border and make it a floor-length Anarkali. Ask your tailor to do this simple and affordable fix. Choose a ready-made border or a combination of fabrics that will stand out in the Anarkali. It is quite simple and you can twirl around at your party in your new Anarkali gown.


Accessorize with old dupatta 

The old dupatta surely comes in handy. Since almost all Indian ethnic attires require a dupatta to complete the look. Having several old plain dupattas lying around is common. There are many ways to make them look more fashionable. For instance, get some mirrors or tassels sown on them for a new look. Use this dupatta to drape your old Anarkali and you have a fresh look. Optionally, you can use old dupattas without adding anything to them to accessories the old Anarkali. To complete this look, borrow some of your mom’s beautiful necklaces or some of yours and use them to accessories as well. This will make your old Anarkali look striking in its restyled look.

Mix and match

So, there is always something to do to an outdated old Anarkali suit. Put your creative cap on and give it that extra volume as you mix and match it with other outfits. One way to achieve this is by pairing it with palazzo pants to get that extravagant look. Although it increases in volume it gives you an elegant finished look. This restyling concept is popular with celebrities and designers too for how it upgrades the Anarkali to a grand look. Experiment with other different combinations with what you have in your closet. Through this, you will experience how Indian wear comes to complete harmony with a mix and match idea.

Restyle to a bohemian dress

This is an amazing way to reinvent your old Anarkali suits. If you love bohemian fashion this is right for you. Detach the flare of your Anarkali from the top and have a tailor re-stitch it into a midi dress. Choose one with a halter-neck detail or with shoulder straps. This gives you a perfect weekend outfit in a trendy silhouette that will charm the people around you. Plain, print and slightly embroidered Anarkali are the best to get the bohemian dress.


Given the above ways to make your old Anarkali have a fresh look. There are others that women try to give this flared silhouettes an upgraded look. Since festivities and parties are going nowhere in India and Anarkali is not that cheap. Bring out your old Anarkali and restyle and reinvent it into something new for the next festival. Plus, you do not want your friends predicting your wardrobe. Thus the Anarkali that you have worn for over a dozen times needs a revamped fresh look.