Watch: Water Drop Test In Bengaluru-Mysuru Rail Route A Success, Minister Tweets


A high-speed journey of the Bengaluru-Mysuru railway track was done to see if it passed the much talked about water glass test.

The Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted the video about the water glass test of the Bengaluru-Mysuru railway track. The water glass test is where a glass of water in kept on the table near the coach and see if any drop of water is spilled out of the glass during the entire journey. Piyush Goyal tweeted,


“The results of the intensive track maintenance carried out between Bengaluru & Mysuru in Karnataka are there for everyone to see. The journey was so smooth that not even a single drop of water drop spilled out of the glass while the train was traveling at high speed.”

The railway officer spoke to the media and said that the work over the 130-kilometer stretch was carried out in the last six months costing the government Rs. 40 crore. Among other works that were undertaken in the project were ballast insertion, tamping of tracks, and strengthening of embankments.

Piyush Goyal
Courtesy: Livemint

Commuters Not Satisfied

The divisional railway manager of Bengaluru, South Western Railway, Ashok Kumar Verma did the maintenance inspection between the Bengaluru and Yaliyur section of the Gol Gumbaz Express. The train that will be starting at 7.50 am is clocked 100 kilometers per hour. He tweeted,

“A good measure of track maintenance at 100 KMPH as observed during window trailing in the SBC-Y section today (Friday). Though somewhat old fashioned but effective. Good work done by the engineering team is visible.”

The commuters, however, feel that the exercise will not be helpful for the commuters as the trains are clocking 100 kmph already. One of the commuters, S Yogendra, said,


“This exercise will prove the quality of tracks which is good. However, we need to improve the speed to 120 kmph to bring these two cities closer and help passengers.”