Watch Video: After Series Of Defeat, Dhoni’s Heartwarming Message To The CSK Fans


One of the most talked-about point in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League is the slump of the most successful team in the tournament’s history, Chennai Super Kings.

For the first time ever in an IPL, the Indian cement owned Chennai Super Kings have not made it to the playoffs of the tournament. Statistically, the most successful side, Chennai Super Kings are at the bottom of the table with only 3 wins in 11 matches. They also have a dismal net run rate that has thrown them out of the tournament.


Fans of the team and cricket experts have criticized the team for its lack of intent and also the team selection. Ahead of the tournament, two of its star players, Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina, pulled out of the tournament denting the team’s chances. The criticism has also reached a peak as some of the supporters were caught by the cybercrime department for issuing rape threats to Mahender Singh Dhoni’s daughter.

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However, on Sunday, the official youtube channel of the team released a video titled ‘Dhoni’s Heartwarming message to the fans’ where he said,

“The CSK fans have been great. You know I always said they are amongst the fans that really understand their cricket. They are slightly different in that. Also, the fact that when you go through a rough patch, that’s the time when the fans that are sticking to you are the real fans. Yes, it’s not like they would not be disappointed. It’s not like they won’t criticize you. It is always constructive criticism that really matters. I feel we are blessed to have the kind of fans that you really want to have. Yes, they want CSK to be at the top. They want us to keep doing well but when you are competing against the top 7 or 8 teams, it’s not a guaranteed thing that you will always win or you will always do well.”

He further said,


“At times you are not at your best, at times the conditions are not favoring you. In the game of cricket, what we have seen is that at times luck also matters. There will be a time that the results won’t go your way. That’s the time we come back to the drawing board. We focus more on the process and that’s where the fans also in. Because that’s the time a team needs the real support of the fans and I believe that’s what the fans have shown irrespective of the result. They are always with us.”