Watch PM Modi Panically Responds To The Media With An ‘Oh MY God’, The Video Is Going Viral

It looks like PM Narendra Modi is back in the news and this time, it is for saying ‘Oh My God’ in response to the media. The short clip has been going viral on social media with #OhMyGod trending nationally.

Oh My God Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his little interactions with the media. The 71-year-old has not addressed even a single press conference in his eight years of tenure. However, the PM made a rare appearance on Tuesday in front of the press in Denmark, a video of which has now gone viral.


PM Modi found himself at the center of attention when he was surrounded by a bunch of Indian reporters while he was on his way to a summit in Denmark. Alarmed over this, Modi said ‘Oh My God’ which was recorded on video.

It did not take a lot of time for netizens to react to this incident. One wrote: Lol. #ohmyGod not trending yet? This is the most epic moment in Modi’s life after ‘Dosti bani rahe’. Modi suddenly surrounded by reporters with mic in hand asking questions. Oh My God says a panicked Modi.

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