Warnings Now, Criminal Charges Next, Commissioner Bhaskar Rao Warns Bengaluru To Wear Masks

Bengaluru Mask (1)

On Sunday morning, the Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao warned the citizens of Bengaluru to wear masks or else be ready to face punishment.

Bhaskar Rao took to Twitter to bring about an awareness among people who are still negligent of wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Even as Bengaluru sees a steep rise in the number of cases, many citizens in the city are reluctant to wear masks and maintain social distance. There are citizens who wear a mask but on their neck which completely goes against the principle of wearing masks.


Bengaluru Mask (2)
Courtesy: Economic Times

In a series of Tweets, Bhaskar Rao appealed to the Bengaluru residents and wrote,

“DCPs and BBMP are on the streets to enforce the wearing of a mask and Social distancing. Warnings now, criminal cases will follow. Urge every Bengalurean to enforce mask enforcement and Social distancing. If people argue call 100, we are ready to respond to your calls. RWA and Traders please donate masks to underprivileged.”

He also appealed to people to ask fellow citizens to wear masks in order to stop the spread of the disease. He asked them to call the police helpline if anyone refuses to wear masks. He further wrote,

“Don’t bother about high and mighty factor, whosoever it just tells people around you to wear a mask and not hanging around the neck.”

23 BBMP Workers Test Positive

The Municipal Body Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and the Bengaluru Police have deployed teams on the ground to keep a check on the citizens wearing masks. The establishment has already started to penalize those who defy the rules. A huge chunk of the population in the city cannot have access to the prescribed mask. Bhaskar Rao asked people to donate masks to the underprivileged.


On Saturday, in a random testing exercise, it was found out that 23 sanitization workers in the city were positive for the novel coronavirus. This is particularly alarming because only 94 workers were tested as a part of the sample and out of those, 23 people turned out positive. The city of Bengaluru reported over 596 positive cases on Saturday alone. This is the highest daily increase in the city.