Want to quit smoking? Here is what people have tried and succeeded

Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and it will for sure affect you in the long run. Every day there are deaths been recorded because of smoking. There are times when you want to truly quit but some bad habits are hard to quit, so we are here with few tips and tricks to avoid or completely quit smoking.

Nicotine replacement

Nicotine replacement is one of the best ways to quit smoking. This could involve applying a nicotine patch, using nicotine lozenges or any other form of nicotine therapy. This usually reduces the amount of nicotine going into your body. Slowly and eventually the amount of nicotine intake decreases and finally you will be able to get rid of the nicotine completely.

This way you will still feel the effects of nicotine on your body but you will not be suffering from all the negative effects of smoking a cigarette. There is no guarantee that you will quit smoking but it works like wonder for the largest number of people.

Trigger avoidance

There are certain triggers which can make you tempted and you end up smoking so to avoid smoking, firstly you need to avoid those situations. Every smoker has certain triggers which can cause you to crave cigarettes. For some people, the trigger is a stressful situation and for others, they simply have a set time and place where they smoke.

So if you really want to quit smoking, first keep a watch on your smoking habits, try to understand when you actually feel tempted and see if the situations can be avoided and slowly the temptation can be controlled. If you have a habit of smoking while talking over the phone, make sure you try talking without smoking and chewing gums can help up to an extent.

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If there is a set time when you smoke, keep yourself busy with activities in that time so that you can avoid smoking. This is for sure one of the finest ways to lessen or completely quit smoking.

quit smoking

Find your reason

Your brain plays a very important role while you try to quit smoking. You need to get motivated and need to focus on a personal reason to quit. The best way would be to protect your family from secondhand smoke or need to have a fear of getting lung cancer, heart diseases or other medical situations. Find a reason which should be strong enough to outweigh the urge to light up.

The above given tips are very useful and had been proven to be beneficial by a large number of people. Quit smoking and live longer and happier.




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