Vrithra Trailer: It’s Intriguing And This Neo-Noir Drama Has Definitely Created A Sense of Curiosity

vrithra trailer

New-Age cinema in Sandalwood is on the rise and in a few more days, a new entrant awaits this list of highly accomplished and entertaining movies.

Directed by Goutham Iyer, Vrithra, starring Nithyashri, Sudharani and Prakash Belawadi in lead roles has blocked October 11 for its release across the state. The makers have recently released the trailer and the short video has been received well by the netizens and the common audience alike. Here is what we felt about this 118-second video:


The find of the season?

It does seem so, as the lead protagonist of this movie has owned the trailer with her screen presence and acting skills. Nithyashri has added a unique dimension to the happenings in the trailer and she has surely kept us waiting impatiently to catch her on the big screen. A special mention needs to be given to her costumer designer as well.

vrithra trailer

A Neo-Noir Drama

Goutham Iyer has picked this genre for his movie and boy! It seems, he has hit it out of the park with his vision and execution. We are walked through the lives of three main characters along with a series of unrelated incidents, all of which seem to have relevance inside the story. The layering of the proceedings with the game of ‘Chess’ and a few impressive dialogues ads intrigue to the trailer.

vrithra trailer
Gautham Iyer

The asset behind the lens

Ace-photographer Auditya Venkatesh has delved into feature films with this movie. The richness in the shots, the tone & the textures; each aspect has been done to perfection and this man would definitely please us visually at the theatres.


vrithra trailer
Auditya Venkatesh

The adversary of Indra

In the Vedic religion, ‘Vrithra’ is defined as an adversary of Lord Indra. Well, the lead protagonist’s name in this movie is Indra Rao and therefore, the title itself has prepared a delicious conflict for us to savor. What exactly is ‘Vrithra’ and how is it connected to Nithyashri’s role in the movie? The trailer has set up this really well and all the answers will only be revealed on October 11th.

So, what are you waiting for?

Want to end your Dasara weekend on a high? With Vrithra hitting the screens on the 11th of this month, you have a worthy option and going by the quality of the trailer, we sure are not going to be disappointed.