Virat Kohli puts a Heart-touching Video Asking Sorry to RCB Fans

virat kohli

Royal Challengers Bangalore after losing major games in the league is now officially out of the season. This has moved every RCB fans to disappointment as results didn’t come as per their expectations. It has been a tough journey for RCB as most of the games didn’t really turn out for them, right from the beginning. However, fans kept their hopes alive till the last match. Virat Kohli being a captain of the RCB team seems to be disappointed with and it is loud and clear in his eyes. Today, he has put a video on his social channels asking sorry for not standing to RCB fan’s expectations and it literally moved me to tears.

Top Comments to the Video

Aman Anghiari: Win or loss, nothing can change my love for you VK. Hope that you quickly recover from your injury and lead the bleed blue.


Vaishnavi Shiv: RCBians will keep supporting you Virat. We Kannadigas do. Despite many defeats, we know that one day we will emerge as winners.

Satish Nidagatte: Need to make a lot of changes in the team. Karnataka has got talented chaps but RCB is unlucky not to have them selected. Kannadiga players’ contribution for kings and KKR has been enormous.

Nitin Noronha: Apart from you, Umesh and ABD the others haven’t contributed. When will the other 7 to 8 players contribute? Please throw out those who have consistently performed badly like Sarfraz etc from the team.


Suresh Anchalkar: IPL is private league but these games are scripted for crowd entertainment. We know that you are a great player for the country with the most winning contribution for the team.

We would like to say to Virat Kohli on behalf of all the RCB fans that you were the Hope if RCB had any. You have given you best however things didn’t fall into place for you in this season. As you know, RCB fans will always be there for you, supporting the team in all its highs and lows. As the hashtag RCB For Life goes, win or lose, RCB is and will be our favorite IPL team.

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