Virat Kohli Creates History To Become The First Man To Sweep All Three Top ICC awards

virat kohli icc awards

The wonder that is Virat Kohli has once again achieved the impossible by winning the top three ICC awards – a first for a cricketer to win all three in a single year. It is for the second consecutive time that Virat has won the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for ICC Cricketer of the Year. He has also been rewarded the ICC Test and the ICC ODI Player of the Year award.

Winning even one of these awards requires a cricketer to be at the peak of their game in a consistent manner. The honor that comes with these awards is invaluable for they mark a player of their accomplishments and have the entire cricketing community look up to them with respect. Having bagged all three of the awards, one must wonder how the Indian Captain would feel. Well, wonder no more for we have Kohli’s reactions as well from his speech after winning the awards.



Kohli’s Reactions

Kohli has been thankful and spoke after receiving the much-coveted honors. He has been quoted saying, “ It feels amazing. It’s a reward for all the hard work that you do throughout the calendar year. I feel really grateful and very, very happy with the team doing well at the same time myself performing. Having recognition at the global level from the ICC is something you feel proud of as a cricketer because you understand that there are many players playing the game.”

“To be rewarded in this manner from amongst all of them is obviously a very proud moment for me and something that gives you more motivation to keep repeating the same things because you have to keep the standard of cricket up and keep bringing consistent performances. From that point of view, these awards give you that extra motivation.”

virat kohli

Well-earned Awards

Kohli was the highest run-scorer in both the ODI as well as Test cricket in the year 2018. He had scored 1322 runs from 13 Test matches and 1202 runs from 14 ODIs. Only three have made it to the thousands in ODI matches in 2018 and the second spot was clinched by none other than our very own RG Sharma with 1030 runs. In tests, Virat Kohli is the first among the two players who have made it to over a thousand runs. His Test average stands at 55.08 while his ODI average has surprised and impressed everyone. His ODI average is a mind-blowing 133.55 runs.


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Virat kohli records

Captain Kohli Indeed

After receiving the honors, Virat Kohli was also named the captain of the ICC Test Team and the ODI Team of the year 2018. Nobody has by far been even close to competing with the king Kohli for the top spot.

Having started as the player who led India to victory in the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup in Malaysia over a decade ago in 2008, he has now reached the pinnacle of cricketing and continues to amaze us with his accomplishments. With the World Cup looming around the corner, we wish him the best of luck and hope that he will continue making India proud with his accomplishments.


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