Viral Video: Man Goes To ‘Chor Bazaar’, Finds His Own Stolen Phone With Shopkeeper

In a surprising event, a man who visited Chor Bazaar to buy a phone was shocked to find his own stolen phone in the market. This hilarious video is now going viral on the Internet.

Chor Bazaar

If you’re not familiar with ‘chor bazaar’, it’s basically a market where you find stolen things including expensive gadgets at a really low price. Either the shopkeeper will be a thief himself or he sources his products from burglars.


A hilarious video is going viral on the internet that shows a man going to chor bazaar to buy his phone but it turns out it was his own phone. The clip was shared on Instagram by the page ‘videonation.teb’. It has received thousands of views and likes. It shows a man going up to a shopkeeper, who’s wearing sunglasses, asking the price of a phone he liked.

Stolen phone

The shopkeeper tells him it’s for Rs 20,000. The man tells him that it looks just like his phone. The shopkeeper unapologetically smiles and reveals to the man that it is his phone only. “Aap hi ka hai bhaiiya,” the shopkeeper says with swag. The man’s face drops and he freezes as if he’s pondering his life.

Well, this video is most probably scripted, it’s still funny and netizens agree as they flooded the comments with laughing emojis.


Watch the video: Here