Fact Check: Viral Photo Of Amit Shah Sleeping In The Parliament Has Turned Out To Be Fake.

Earlier on 23rd June, a picture of Home Minister Amit Shah was taking rounds on social media. It was a picture from the video of Parliament’s winter session held back in December which has gone Viral now, a few days ago.

In the following picture that was trending, Amit Shah is seen sleeping while Ravi Shankar Prasad was addressing the house. However, the picture turned out to be fake and had a different face of the story which revealed the fact behind Home Minister sleeping in the Parliament.


False Image circulation

A screenshot taken from Rajya Sabha TV can clearly see union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad speaking in the parliament. And alongside Home Minister Amit Shah who is seated next to him taking a nap. After this image went on a swing on social media, some users criticized and took a dig at Shah questioning the sanctimony of BJP supporters who had earlier mocked Congress President Rahul Gandhi for using his phone during President Ram Nath Kovind’s joint address earlier on Thursday, 20 June.


Reality test found it to be fake

The reality of this picture had a different face as it was shown on social media. This image taken from last year’s winter season was demonstrated as false news. Sources founded footage from the Rajya Sabha TV, where it clearly shows that Shah isn’t sleeping. The picture is taken at a moment when he looks down which makes it look like he is asleep.


At 17:35 minutes in the video, one can see Amit Shah taking a book and flipping through the pages. At exact 18:16 minutes in the video is one such image that is being circulated. At this moment, Shah is still going through the book. Therefore, the angle of the camera had made look Shah having time of his life sleeping. But it is clear from the video that he had not.

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