Coming Soon: The World’s Largest Vintage Car Museum in Namma Bengaluru

vintage car

Yes, you read it right! Bengaluru will soon be home to the largest vintage car museum in the world. We have loved vintage cars in movies, exhibitions, and rallies. These days, no vintage car makes it through the streets without exciting photographers, social media freaks and enthusiasts alike. It is no secret that India is home to the largest vintage car collection in the world. These cars, however, have not been too accessible to the eyes of the public, until now. This is because most of these beauties lie in private collections.

A Staggering 50 Crore Project 

The Karnataka Vintage and Classic Car Club recently acquired 4 acres of land in Rajarajeshwari Nagar and will house over 300 of these cars. This project is being handled by German and British architects and involves a huge amount of money – a staggering 50 crore! This will be used to house around 500 vintage cars and motorcycles.

Vintage Car

The main objective is to display these collections and to educate the masses on the machines used back in the day. The club secretary, Ravi Prakash, is well known in the vintage car circuit in India as well as abroad. Though he’s a doctor by profession, his love for vintage cars has brought him so far. The construction of the museum shall begin next year.

vintage car

The club intends to maintain complete autonomy with all the funding coming in from the club members or the corporate partners. The money shall be used for maintenance and expansion of the museum and also for helping people injured in road accidents. Through this initiative, the club hopes to put India on the map of the vintage car enthusiasts and therefore draw tourists and enthusiasts from all across the globe.

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