Vikrant Rona: Tom Cruise, SRK Spotted in Dubai; Fans Are Too Excited For Coincidence

Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeepa has chosen the iconic Burj Khalifa to exhibit the logo and the teaser of his upcoming film Vikrant Rona. The event will also mark the actor’s 25th anniversary as an actor in the industry.

A big event for Sandalwood

When Sudeepa and his team revealed the news, entire Sandalwood was elated about the achievement. Very few personalities have seen their content go on the virtual screen of Burj Khalifa and Sudeepa doing that was great news and a boost to the industry.


A host of stars spotted in UAE

Tom Cruise, along with his Mission Impossible 7 Team, has been spotted in Abu Dhabi. Christopher McQuarrie, the director of the film, posted a few pictures on his social media to prove the case.

It has also been revealed that Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan is also in Dubai. There are rumours that his upcoming film Pathan is being shot in the Arab City. Anas Bukhash, a personality from UAE, posted a picture with SRK, triggering the rumours.

Along with SRK and Tom Cruise, Will Smith has also been spotted in UAE. He was seen outside the Burj Khalifa along with his wife. Mahesh Babu, the Telugu Superstar, is also in UAE, shooting for his upcoming film.


Fans assume all of them are in UAE for Sudeepa

Well, after the director of the film Anup Bhandari posted the below tweet, many are questioning if the likes of Tom Cruise and SRK are in UAE for Sudeepa. Although that is likely to be untrue, the perfect situation did play in the minds of a few hardcore Kichcha fans.

Source: Gulf News