Vikram Batra Death Anniversary: Remembering Kargil Hero Who Lit Up The Nation With His Courage

Vikram Batra

Over the years, India as a country has produced several heroes who have made the nation proud. Those who have made the country proud in uniform are always special. The ones in uniform make sure that they fight till the end, no matter what!

India has come across men and women like that every now and then who look like they were born to be at the frontline. One such man was Captain Vikram Batra. Vikram Batra is clearly a national hero who made a supreme sacrifice during capturing of point 4875 in the Kargil war of 1999. During the conflict, Pakistan had captured the peak of 5140 in Kargil. Five weeks after the war began, Lieutenant Vikram Batra, 13 JAK Rifles, and his Delta Company were ordered to recapture the peak on the 19th of June.


Vikram Batra (1)
Courtesy: Navbharat Times

Batra single-handedly killed three enemy warriors in dangerous close-range combat as he used his intelligence and courage to recapture the peak. He was nicknamed Sher Sha of Kargil. After this, Lt. Batra regrouped his men to advance further in the Kargil war. Lt. Batra had turned towards the camera and said with a smile that ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ and said it is the success signal of the company. The smiling face of Captain Batra had calmed many souls in India during the war.

A Death Trap

After capturing point 5140 which was a success for the Indian Army, Lt. Batra was assigned to an urgent mission to recapture another peak 4875. As Lt. Batra advanced to climb the 80-degree steep to the peak, the Pakistani army sat at the top with a clear view of his climb. This was a death trap.

On the early morning of 7th July 1999, he commanded a mission to rescue an injured officer during which he was killed in action as he was clearing enemy positions. Its 21 years since Captain Batra sacrificed his life for the nation but heroes never die. Captain Batra’s legacy, his bravery, his intellect, his charm, and the infectiously popular smile will live for a long time in the hearts of Indian citizens.



Source: India Times