Vijay Devarakonda Says Dictatorship Is Better Than Democracy, Gets Trolled Badly

Popular Telugu Superstar Vijay Devarakonda has found himself in the middle of another controversy after he voiced his opinion on the system of democracy.

The statement that has been termed as shocking by many on social media came during an interview with the YouTube channel Film Companion. When asked about whether he would ever be interested in standing for election by entering into politics, Devarakonda said that he would never stand in an election where everybody is allowed to vote.


Further, he explained that people who swing their votes for money and liquor should not be made to vote. He advocated for the only the educated public who have most at stake should vote. He said,

“Like so there is this concept when you get on a plane and flying to Bombay, would we all decide who will fly the plane? Like we should let the 300 people on the plane decide who is going to go on that plane? No, we let an efficient agency like the airlines decide who is most competent, or who understands the business or the best person possible to fly the plane.”

Vijay Devarakonda(1)

‘I Prefer Dictatorship’

He further said that he would prefer dictatorship over any system that involves money and alcohol.

“I won’t stand in an election where people would vote for alcohol and money. I’d like to be a dictator. I think that’s the way you can make changes. Like ‘just shut up, I’m having good intentions, you don’t know what is good for you maybe but stick to this and five, ten years down the line it’s going to pat off.”

This remark of his drew him a lot of flak on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. He was called out for his ignorance of democratic values and for his extreme right-wing thinking.