Video Shows Schools Taking Oath to ‘Kill for Hindu Rashtra’ In UP, Probe Ordered

It is always poisonous when religious extremism crosses it’s limits. Whether it be a Hindu or Muslim, the religion is a social contract in which it teaches us to lead a healthy life rather than exploiting other’s sentiments and way of living. One such acts was spotted in a UP school where the young budding teens are asked to take oath for creating India a Hindu Rashtra and even encouraging children to kill for so-called ‘ Hindu Rashtra ‘. Indeed it’s such a shame to inculcate such extremist thoughts into young minds and provoke religious sentiments.

This Is How Extremist Seeds Are Sown

Multiple oath-taking events “to turn India into a Hindu Rashtra (nation)” were held across the country, videos of which have been shared by Sudarshan News and its editor-in-chief Suresh Chavhanke on their official Twitter handles, respectively. Chavhanke, on Wednesday, 29 December, posted a video in which an unknown person could be seen administering an oath to students of a school in Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh to “fight, die, and if required, kill” to turn India into a Hindu Rashtra.



This comes just days after Chavhanke himself administered a similar oath during an event organised by the Hindu Yuva Vahini on 19 December in Delhi, videos of which had emerged on social media on 22 December. “We promise to work towards making India and keeping India a Hindu Rashtra. We will fight for this, die for this, and if required, kill for this. But we will not back down even for a moment, no matter the sacrifice. May our ancestors, teachers, Mother India give us enough strength so that we can fulfil our pledge. May they give us victory,” the pledge – the same in all three instances – said.

Oath Administered To School Kids In UP

The oath was administered to schoolchildren at Nehru Park in UP’s Sonbhadra district and recorded by Sudarshan TV reporter Rajesh Singh. It ended with slogans of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, “Vandre Mataram”, and “Jai Hind.”

The children, dressed in their school uniforms, had gathered in the park after school hours. Some kids visiting the park with their parents were also part of the oath-taking event.




Source : The Quint