Victory for Kantara: Kerala Court Lifts Ban, Allows use of Varaha Roopam song!

A Kerala court dismissed Thaikudam Bridge’s petition on Varaha Roopam from Kantara. The court lifted the ban citing a lack of jurisdiction.

Kerala court lifts ban

The Kannada film Kantara premiered on Amazon Prime Video on November 24. In the OTT version, the Varaha Roopam song has been replaced as Kerala band Thaikudam Bridge had pursued legal action against the makers for allegedly copying one of their songs, Navarasam. The latest update, however, is that the Kozhikode District Court in Kerala lifted the ban against Varaha Roopam due to lack of jurisdiction.


Earlier, the court ruled in favor of Thaikudam Bridge and imposed an interim injunction against the song. However, the Kantara plagiarism row has taken a fresh turn now. The Kozhikode District Court in Kerala dismissed their plea citing a lack of jurisdiction. So, the interim order against the Varaha Roopam song stands canceled.

Lyricist Shashiraj Kavur shared the news

Kerala’s Kozhikode District Court has not only dismissed the application of ‘Thaikkudam Bridge’, which had been accused of plagiarism but has also allowed the use of the Varaharupam song in the film. Lyricist Shashiraj Kavur, who composed the Varaha Rupam song of the film, posted a post on Facebook about this.

“Today, the lower court, after hearing both sides, dismissed the Thaikkudam Bridge petition and vacated the injunction granted to the Varaharupam song. Justice prevailed. Shashiraj has written Jai Tulunadu.


Even though the controversial song Varaha Rupam got temporary relief, the film team cannot use this song for now. In this regard, the hearing of the petition filed by Thyakkudam Bridge in the Palakkad Court of Kerala is still going on. So the original Varaharupam song cannot be used for now.