Meet Vibha Swaminathan, ISC Topper From Bengaluru Who Has Scored 100 Marks in All The Subjects

Vibha Swaminathan

Vibha Swaminathan from Bengaluru who topped the ISC board exam for 12th scoring 100% says hard work and focus is the secret behind her success. She wants to become a lawyer one day. This girl from the Mallya Aditi International School got 100 marks in all the subjects and shares her top spot with Dewang Kumar Agarwal from Kolkatta.

Dewang is a student of science whereas Vibha is a student of Humanities. Lakhs of students appeared in this year’s 12th ISC examination. This year the pass percentage of students is 96.52 which is just 0.31% more than last year.

Vibha Swaminathan

The Result Came As Surprise For Vibha

While talking to the media, Vibha said that she was surprised by her result. When asked what sacrifices did she make for achieving this success, Vibha Swaminathan said that she did not sacrifice much. But instead just focused on her studies.  

Vibha said, ​”I did not use Facebook, but I did use WhatsApp sometimes. I think you just need to prioritize, without sacrificing anything in particular.” She believes that although it is very necessary to give importance to studies, it does not necessarily mean giving up on social media as long as things are prioritized properly.

Vibha added, “I studied for nearly seven hours a day. It wasn’t about how many hours I put in, but what work I completed. So I didn’t really push myself.”

Vibha Swaminathan

Vibha To Focus On CLAT

After achieving 100% success in the ISC exams, Vibha Swaminathan is now keen to crack the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). It is the entrance test for getting admission to top law schools which is going to be held in the second half of this month.

Vibha is a voracious reader and is an excellent debater. Currently, she is also getting trained for Carnatic music. She loves dogs and is a volunteer for animal care. The topper is still very much overwhelmed and is yet to make a plan for celebrating her success. Vibha said, “Nothing, as of now because it’s still soon.”




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