Here’s Why You Should Not Miss The Iconic VB Bakery – Bengaluru’s First Iyengar Bakery

vb bakery

V V Puram, named after the celebrated engineer Sir M Vishweshwerayya sixty-five years ago was predominantly a brahmin and Jain vegetarian area. It was a quiet neighborhood with middle-class homes and some bungalows. The VB Bakery which opened here was unaware that it would inaugurate a tradition of Iyengar bakeries and grow enormously across the state. Today people still clamor for its buns, puffs cakes and pastries, etc. Let’s know more about such an epic bakery of the town – VB Bakery. 

City’s Favorite Since 1953

VB Bakery, a short form of ‘Visvesvarapuram Brahmin Bakery’ was established by K Tirumalachar in 1953. Hailing from Hassan district, he broke away from tradition to start a business no one in his community had tried, and that is ‘Baking’!. The bakery delicacies served here have a unique savour like elsewhere with their special brahmin recipes. This epicurean institution has been standing tall at the same spot since 1953 as a symbol of Brahmin baking legacy.

Stood the Test Of Time

The bakery is now run by his son K T Srinivas. VB Bakery has been delivering the same quality over the years and is 66 years old. The recipes are preserved and passed on from generation to generation. They have stood the test of time. The bakery opens at 6 am and closes at 11 pm. In the mornings, joggers from Lal Bagh pick up their favorite snacks on their way home.

A Brand 

Back in those days, Tirumalachar kept the bakery open until 11 pm just for laborers working late. They would drop by after their work and eat VB Bakery special buns. This explains the generous personality of the iconic VB bakery’s. Even to this day, VB bakery supplies bread and buns to schools and hostels and also steps in when the city hosts marathons and such other events.

Out of the World Menu

VB bakery has largely retained its bestselling items. They are sweet and khara buns, special buns (they put raisins in it), unsweetened and special bread (sugar added), vegetable puffs, cookies, and sweets such as dumrot (made from pumpkin for the weekends) and badam burfi. The badam burfi’s they deliver are simply out of the world!. The menu has not changed much despite stiff competition from other bakeries and eateries. 

It has a Separate Fan Base

VB bakery’s clientele holds the who’s who of Karnataka, including Kannada movie stars such as Srinath, Puneeth Rajkumar, Doddanna, Tara, Prema, and Ramesh Bhat etc. Srinath, one of the great hero’s often stands in a queue waiting for his turn. VB Bakery is crowded in the mornings and evenings, but the afternoon customers are the ones that get to buy buns and breads just out of the oven. 

VB Special

Over the years, the bakery has added new items to its mix. The potato bun, for instance, came much after the buns and khara (spiced) buns which caught the fancy of customers. Their KBC or khara bun with Congress – is a khara bun sliced horizontally, buttered, and stuffed with Congress kadlekai (peanuts) is about 20 years old and the most loved snack of the localities.


In VB, Congress kadlekai is itself a special item. it is skinned peanut fried (not deep fried) with curry leaves, spiced with pepper, and mixed with turmeric. The latest additions are wholewheat masala Congress bread, cheese-corn spinach stuffed buns.

A Nostalgia for Most Bengalurians

VB has a huge fan following. Its customers settled abroad sometimes give in to their cravings and order their favorite eats. The bakery ships them to San Francisco and New Jersey etc. And talking about the localities, National High School and College are among the institutions within walking distance. Students get nostalgic about the bakery and are seen crowded around all the time.

An Inspiration to Many

Also, many students studying in schools in and around the area get hooked to the taste of this pioneering Iyengar bakery leaving it overcrowded all the time. Several Iyengar families, hailing from the same Hassan district, were inspired by Thirumalachar and eventually ventured into the bakery business, setting up shop across Bengaluru and Karnataka.

If you still have not savored the lovely refreshing eats of the iconic bakery, make sure you don’t really miss the chance of such delicious bakeries which are a real treat to the senses.



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